[Felvtalk] Interferon

2012-10-12 Thread Lisa Conner
Hi All, I think everyone was so hung up with this politcal debate, no one saw my 2 questions on Interferon and the length of years a Felv + cat has lived. Ok- so, I joined when my 9 + year old boy, Prancer became very sick..literally overnight. He breathing was extremely labored and I

[Felvtalk] President

2012-10-09 Thread Lisa Conner
Ok.. you are profiling and that is just plain wrong:) If we have the past 4 yours as the next 4 years, there will be a mass revolt. Seriously, from mass job losses, no growth of our country, the division of our country, we have to take a chance on a new person:) It can't get any worse.

Re: [Felvtalk] Deciding-when-a-pet-has-suffered-enough

2012-09-30 Thread Lisa Conner
Friends, We can only do our best everyday to help the victims without voices, either humans or animals. Kevorkian was arrested because it is against the law to end lives. Thanks goodness we can do what we can do, to end the suffering of a companion that is truly suffering (pet). I am a

Re: [Felvtalk] Nutrition and new FeLV positive kitten (Lisa)

2012-09-18 Thread Lisa Conner
they dumped the kitten off. A friend of mine adopted the kitten and we are waiting to retest the kitten. The kitten is doing great! Cisco actually had hookworms and I found out from the vet that hookworms can kill a kitten!! Hope this information helps! Lisa Conner

[Felvtalk] New Felv Positive Kitty

2012-09-07 Thread Lisa Conner
Hi, That is great you took in the kitten. We just lost our kitty- Prancer after nine + years and he was Felv positive! Not one issue in those years and we had other cats in our household. They were all vaccinated against the virus. So, keep your fingers crossed he may live a long life and