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2012-10-12 Thread Lisa Conner

Hi All,

I think everyone was so hung up with this politcal debate,  no one saw my 2 
questions on Interferon and the length of years a Felv + cat has lived.

 Ok-  so,  I joined when my 9 + year old boy, Prancer became very 
sick..literally overnight.  He breathing was extremely labored and I rushed him 
to the Emergency Vet.  They said he was critical ,  and didn't think he was 
going to make it.  May be best to put him to sleep since he was Felv+ and 
needed oxygen and and his gums were pale.  That night they extracted 3 ½ cups 
of fluid from his lungs.  Thank goodness, because that saved his life.  In the 
morning we transferred him to our regular vet and our vet thought it was his 
heart.  He was right.  The ultrasound showed a huge mass tumor at the base of 
his heart.   The vet wasn't sure how much time Prancer had, however, he said it 
might be a day or week,  depending on how much fluid built up in his lung area. 
 Within 4 days, the fluid was back and I could not have him suffer as I lost my 
Dad to the the suffering of congestive heart failure (with build up of fluid in 
the lungs).

So, my vet believes that Interferon might have helped Prancer over the years, 
since in all his years in practice,  they have not seen a cat like Prancer, 
great health  for 9 ½ years, but be Felv +.

Has anyone in this group used Interferon with their cats and what is the 
typical avg span life for Felv+ cats?

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[Felvtalk] President

2012-10-09 Thread Lisa Conner
Ok.. you are profiling and that is just plain wrong:)   If we have the past 4 
yours as the next 4 years,  there will be a mass revolt.
Seriously, from mass job losses, no growth of our country,  the division of our 
country,  we have to take a chance on a new person:) It can't get any worse.  
That is my 2 cents!

Now , back to our Felv + kitties.  I am fairly new to this group and joined 
because of losing my cat, Prancer.  He lived for 9+ years, a very healthy life. 
Then bang, like a whirlwind, we lost him.  So my two questions to this group is 
the following:

How many of you have a Felv cat that is 9 + years old and extremely healthy?
Have any you used Interferon for your cat?

The reason for the above questions is because my Vet ( Great Vet!!)  A Father 
/Son  team both informed me that they have never seen a cat with Felv live as 
long as Prancer and be in such great health.  Prancer was on Interferon off and 
on for 4-5 years.  I swear by it!  And it is fairly inexpensive.. $26 for a 
bottle.  Looking forward to your feedback!  Thanks!

Best Regards,


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Problem is that they have all lost sense of reality.  They have no 
understanding of what it means to be middle class or poor.  They have all been 
privileged tooo long

 Lee Evans moonsiste...@yahoo.com wrote: 
 I agree that neither candidate can make animal rights/welfare a major issue 
 in this election and I also agree that the economy is the major issue that 
 impacts our rescues and other people's companion animals the most.? Then I 
 look at the incumbent and see a man who was trussed up like a chicken about 
 to go into the rotisserie and I see who did the trussing up, the Republican 
 Senate.? I look at who started the sub-prime mortgage mess that led to so 
 many people losing their homes and I see a Republican President allowing 
 banks and stock brokers and CEO's of investment companies to have free rein 
 to grab the money and run.? I see an ineffectual congress trying to get a 
 fair tax program wherein people earning over a quarter of a million dollars 
 a? year would pay their fair share of taxes to run the country.? Then I see 
 Republicans putting up road blocks by saying that businesses would have to 
 shut down if taxes were raised.? Who the heck ever mentioned
  businesses?? The problem is INDIVIDUALS who are rolling in money. I see 
 Republicans coming in with smoke and mirrors and clouding the issue, 
 confusing people into thinking that the tax hike would be on businesses.? I 
 see a ridiculous-on-both sides health care plan with over a thousand pages of 
 gibberish regulations.? What's wrong with just extending Medicare and 
 Medicaid to everyone?? What's the problem with not re-inventing the wheel and 
 adopting the Canadian health care model?? Then my friends tell me that we 
 need a business man with a good sense of the economy to run the country.? And 
 I say, these are the same people who ran the country off a cliff for 8 
 years.? I don't think I want them in the drivers seat again.? Just my opinion.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 

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Actually very simple:? Romney?s dog on top of the car and Obama?s dog inside 
the car.
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Without endorsing either candidate here's some 

Re: [Felvtalk] Deciding-when-a-pet-has-suffered-enough

2012-09-30 Thread Lisa Conner

We can only do our best everyday to help the victims without voices, either 
humans or animals.  Kevorkian was arrested because it is against the law to end 
lives.  Thanks goodness we can do what we can do, to end the suffering of a 
companion that is truly suffering (pet).   I am a Christian and believe in 
heaven and hell and Karma.  So, until we all die,  that person who puts their 
pet down to travel the world or whatever, is a selfish person to begin with and 
I am sure it is not the first time that they were disrespectful to life.  They 
will have to be judged  and only the Lord will have that talk with them at the 
end of their  life.  I live in Florida and just heard about a cat in Riverview 
that was found (alive) with an arrow in its back!   They are trying to find the 
person who did it.  Trust me, I am sure if it was a little child or adult,  the 
FBI would be involved.  But because it was a cat,  they are doing their best. 
At the end of every day,  everything we do a group has a major impact on saving 
our furry friends.  We can also voice our opinion to the government to change 
laws.   God  Bless America.  Let's be positive here,  we are in America and 
have the opportunity to change anything in our power as a group.  Look in the 
Middle East,  killing everyday!   Thank you to all you Vet techs that try to 
intervene and help out where you can... however,  you are right.. it is up to 
the VET to stand up for the healthy animals that they put to sleep.
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Re: [Felvtalk] Nutrition and new FeLV positive kitten (Lisa)

2012-09-18 Thread Lisa Conner

I used Nutra-Cal for my Felv kitty, Prancer that just passed away. He lived for 
over 9 years!  I ordered it from my Vet or Entirely Pets.com.  Also,  I used 
Interferon for many years and this was  only $25.00 for a bottle, the bottle 
lasted for about 2 months for his size (10 lbs).   Prancer did not like wet 
food and I typically fed him Science Diet or Purina One.  I know that is a bit 
pricey for some on a budget, but I swear by it for a Felv cat:)

I also used these for a Felv Kitten (3 weeks old) that somebody threw out on 
the street and I was lucky enough to be walking the dog when they dumped the 
kitten off.   A friend of mine adopted the kitten and we are waiting to retest 
the kitten.  The kitten is doing great!  Cisco actually had hookworms and I 
found out from the vet that hookworms can kill a kitten!!  Hope this 
information helps!

Lisa Conner
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[Felvtalk] New Felv Positive Kitty

2012-09-07 Thread Lisa Conner
That is great you took in the kitten.  We just lost our kitty- Prancer after 
nine + years and he was Felv positive!  Not one issue in those years and we had 
other cats in our household.  They were all vaccinated against the virus.   So, 
keep your fingers crossed he may live a long life and prosper:)


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