Re: Passwords

2008-05-15 Thread lomaxturtle
Hi do we need to subscribe again - I couldn't see anything about getting new passwords for already subscribed - but that might be just me. Thanks Michelle, Minstrel, Angel Buddy Angel Bramble -Original Message- From: James G Wilson [EMAIL PROTECTED] To:

Mysterio Please add to the CLS

2008-02-13 Thread Lomaxturtle
So sorry to hear of Mysterio going to the bridge - Mysterio will a fluffy cushion and be happy and healthy - I'll ask my angel Buddy and Angel Bramble to give Mysterio an angel kiss xxx


2008-02-08 Thread lomaxturtle
Laurie Minstrel was in sanctuary with now Angel Buddy (FIV+) when they were first tested and from what i gather they were both tested around 6 months of age - obviously Buddy was FIV and Minstrel tested positive for FeLV - I assume they used the in house SNAP test at that point. From what I


2008-02-08 Thread lomaxturtle
Just wanted to bring a positive note to you all. I took my FeLV girl Minstrel to the vet last week to check her mouth cos she was showing dental signs. I'd had her checked at New Year just before Buddy (FIV+) passed away and her gums were a little inflammed but not severe.?Last Friday she had

Boo Boo

2008-02-08 Thread Lomaxturtle
Good job Boo Boo came to you when he did. There's so much good information and experience from people here and I can't add to it cos I tend to ask questions when needed co sof the experience of people here. At least he is safe now and free from those dreadful ignorant previous owners who

Miller Please add to the CLS

2008-01-21 Thread Lomaxturtle
Sorry to hear about Miller - so many new angels flying above us playing together at the bridge. Miller will be back to full health now and keeping your cushion warm until the day you're reunited. Michelle, Minstrel, Angel Buddy Angel Bramble


2008-01-18 Thread lomaxturtle
Sorry to hear of Rudy's passing - I'll ask Buddy to chase Rudy around too now that they are at the bridge playing with full health restored xxx Michelle, Minstrel, Angel Buddy Angel Bramble AOL's new homepage has launched.


2008-01-16 Thread Lomaxturtle
Sorry to hear about Teddy Laurie - it's the hardest decision to make you do know when it's right xx He'll be playing with his friends and Buddy is probably chasing him around to - she liked chasing xxx Michelle, Minstrel, Angel Buddy Angel Bramble

Please Add Buddy to Candlelight Service

2008-01-14 Thread Lomaxturtle
Buddy has gone to rainbow bridge to collect her angel wings tonight. She is on her bed at the moment looking peaceful and I will take her to the pet crematorium tomorrow then bring her ashes home. Infection overwhelmed her and wouldn't respond to antibiotics and she got to be in too much


2008-01-04 Thread Lomaxturtle
Has anyone used interferon omega recently in UK - if so how much does is cost you per box of 5 vials. Vet quoted me £1500 for a course - one week on - one off and one week after and then a week 2 months later. Seems a lot more than what I paid last time. I can't afford £1500 and the

Prayers Please

2008-01-01 Thread Lomaxturtle
Hi everybody Unfortunately I've returned fo rno so good reasons. Xmas day my Buddy (4.5years) cams down sick. She would hardly eat and was hiding most of day. she seemed to want to lick food but was too sore to swallow so she couldn't bear it - and she was gulping like when we have a


2008-01-01 Thread Lomaxturtle
I have been pushing sanctuary to help fund interferon but they try to hold off it cos of the cost as the omega in UK is expensive. That's why I went to stamp my feet and demand they help cos they tell you to act fast and say they help with vets and then don't allow you to look after the

Re: Toby's death

2007-09-18 Thread lomaxturtle
I feel physically sick having just read of poor Toby's plight - I hadn't seen that and not sure if I am pleased I read it or not (only good thing is I will be signing the petition). The poor baby, how anyone can can hit an animal to hurt it is beyond me but what they did is just pure evil. I

Slinky - sad news

2007-03-28 Thread Lomaxturtle
Awww your story of telling slinky about friends at the bridge has just raised a few memories of my previous kitties. It is heartbreaking to go through this and my heart goes out to you and Slinky. Slinky will know you have done everything possible and are still helping him to feel better by

Mama Kitty

2007-03-28 Thread Lomaxturtle
So sorry to hear mama kitty has passed - my heart goes out to you and no it's not crazy to hear her purrs - you always do what is best for them and feel the bond with them and she is still with you. I haven't heard my angel kitties purr but I sure did see Bramble move past me from the

Mignight and CRF

2007-03-27 Thread Lomaxturtle
I can't add anymor ethna what has already been said. Cats can life a good few years with chronic renal failure and can be comfortable if they receive the correct treatment. Some cats tolerate fluids well but a few don't - you have to be patient and appear confident and explain everything to

OT - Help cat crying at night

2007-03-19 Thread lomaxturtle
Unfortunately your crowded little house probably made him feel more secure. He will have been aware of the other cats and could even be crying to try and communicate with the other cats and be distressed because they are not there. He is obviously distressed and I feel like everyone else needs

Whitey close to the bridge

2007-03-17 Thread Lomaxturtle
Kelly my thoughts and prayers go out to and your dear animals. It is unbearable to watch them slipping away and so so hard to have to make the decision to help them pass. Whitey will now you are there and will be happy to have you there knowing how much you love him. Sometimes the hardest

14 cats to be tested

2007-03-07 Thread lomaxturtle
Here's hoping that no other cats have FeLV. But if any do then it's good they have the best chance and best care because they have you xxx A kitties life is better full of love and tlc no matter how short or long that may be xxx Michelle, Minstrel, Buddy Angel Bramble

Tig is Back

2007-03-05 Thread lomaxturtle
Thanks all for your help. I again asked my angels to help guide Tig home last night as I still talk to my angel animals who have passed. We also have had a little glass guardian angel that my friend bought me next to a wooden cat that I got her as it looked like Tig. I did the meditation of

Tig is missing

2007-03-04 Thread Lomaxturtle
Thanks all for responses in relation to Tig. She is still missing but your advice has been good and I will print things out and give it to my friend. We went out sticking posters up around the area and posting leaflets. It was more heartbreaking seeing Tig's Sister Missy - she was so

Lucy CLS

2007-03-03 Thread lomaxturtle
SO sorry to hear of Lucy's passing but it sounds as peaceful and quick a passing as possible which is what we all wish for our fur babies in the end. The angels will guide her and she will always be with you in your heart. Michelle, Buddy, Minstrel Angel Bramble

Tig is Missing

2007-03-03 Thread lomaxturtle
I'd just like to ask people to add Tig to their prayers. My best friend has too sweet little kitties - Tig Missy they are not FeLV but are still very much loved and cared. days ago Tig went missing from her back garden - she never usually goes away from the garden and doesn't care to be out

I'm back

2007-02-21 Thread Lomaxturtle
Hello All Sorry I've been a silent member for a while due to work etc... but I am unfortunately back now and will be for a while. Just had Minstral to the vets cos I noticed a very subtle behaviour change - she became more affectionate to me and scratched her jaw a bit more than usual

Minstral (Nina)

2007-02-21 Thread lomaxturtle
Hi Nina Minstral hasn't gone on antibiotics at the moment. I will watch her closely for a couple of days and try to look at her mouth again after that period - if she has worsened then I will take her to the boss vet cos he is great - but he only works 2 days a week. She is a very difficult

Quality of Life

2007-02-21 Thread lomaxturtle
I too have talked to my cats on more than one occassion to ask how they feel so I don't think your mad Nina. But I agree with letting them explore a little at a time and if you can put up a screen that they can see each other through before introducing them that sometimes can help as Nina said.

Sign from Allie and 5 day old kitten

2006-05-19 Thread Lomaxturtle
Sign from Allie I do think you are right to believe that this was a sign from Allie. I had signs from Tidge and Bramble when I needed to be comforted and also one of my dear departed dogs. She is at peace is wants you to be at ease. 5 day old kitten Another rescue Hideyo - you are

Virus Warning

2006-05-16 Thread Lomaxturtle
Just thought I'd better spread this warning around as you are all in my address book. If you should receive an email that appears to be from my email address that says I have set up my own website and asks you to check if it works and if you can see the video PLEASE DO NOT OPEN IT !!! My

Bella had babies

2006-04-11 Thread Lomaxturtle
Congrats - Bella must be so proud and you too of course. The kittiens sound so sweet - long and happy life prayes to you all. Michelle, Minstrel, buddy Angel Bramble

Re: My Bella's baby died

2006-04-11 Thread Lomaxturtle
Hideyo So sorry to hear of your despair but you are a great Kittie mom. I don't know what happened but I know you would never intend to hurt a kittie. You did what you thought right at the time. Sometimes we need to intervene and something must have been wrong for you to interveme to try

Bella's baby died

2006-04-11 Thread Lomaxturtle
Hideyo From what you say it sounds as though this baby was in trouble and on her way to dying anyway. When they fail to gain weight and temperature is abnormal it is not a good sign. I saw a day old baby being warmed and fed and everything possible was done but she died because she is sick


2006-04-07 Thread Lomaxturtle
So sorry to hear of what happened to stray. Such a sad but beautifully written account that was filled with emotion. I believe euthanasia was right for stray - I have heard of Saddle Thrombosis before and yes it is exceptionally painful for the kittie - too painful for them to keep on enduring


2006-04-06 Thread Lomaxturtle
I'd just like to share the loss of a friend. My cousin's Bulldog Bruce died yesterday. He was a beautiful boy with such a cheeky character.He wasjust 2 years old - he got sick and after tests at the vets they found he had developed acute leukemia - he died within days of that result. I never

Miss Priss Kerry

2006-04-05 Thread Lomaxturtle
Janine so so sorry to hear about your mom and your dear little miss priss. My prayers are with you. They will be helping each other in their new life now. Kerry - I had'nt realised your father was terminally ill too as I am catching up with mail - Positive thoughts coming your way too.


2006-04-05 Thread Lomaxturtle
I am so shocked to hear this Kerry. I would probably have agreed to euthanase in that situation by choice to help my kittie to stop suffering if they were not breathing properly due to tumors and lung fluid at age 16 but I can't imagine that choice being taken away from me. I would be the

Jake has gone

2006-03-05 Thread Lomaxturtle
Sorry sorry to hear of Jake's passing but I believe you did all you could and yes the wishing you could have found him earlier is normal. I only had Bramble 6 months and tried so hard for him but alas I too only found him when he was already sick. It makes you angry that other people didn't

Michelle L

2006-02-28 Thread Lomaxturtle
I have misread the Michelle L messages - sorry. I am Michelle L too Michelle Lomax and Michelle L is Michelle Lerner. I sign things at work Michelle L so apologies for the mix up. Yes agree it's hard losing your furbabies and especially so close together - I lost 3 animals last year so I can


2006-02-28 Thread Lomaxturtle
Yes Wendy Football/Soccer - I'm in the UK Michelle, Buddy, Minstrel, Angel Bramble

Michelle L

2006-02-26 Thread Lomaxturtle
Thanks Wendy I'm fine I'm currently busy job hunting as my contract expires next month. I'd give up and go into animal rescue if I could afford to but alas I can't. My two kitties at the moment have a mild dose of the sneezes but they carry calici. Must share this story - My friend has 2 x 8

Ginger is Gone

2006-02-22 Thread Lomaxturtle
Michelle I'm so sorry to hear that Ginger did not recover. Everything was done for her and she stayed so long because she was loved and cared for by you. What a lovely place to bury her too. My eyes filled up readig about her as they often do when the kitties here cross to the bridge. SHe is

losses and Ginger

2006-02-21 Thread Lomaxturtle
My thoughts to keep the souls rested of Mr Kitty, Red Man and Buffy go out as do my condolencesto the kitty parents. Also healing thoughts going to Ginger Michelle, Buddy, Minstrel, Angel Bramble


2006-02-16 Thread Lomaxturtle
Rudy sounds such a special litlle furbaby - sorry she has gone but glad she found you when she did. I do believe that cats sometimes choose us to be their parents and it's a huge compliment when they choose to stay. Michelle, Minstrel, Buddy, Angel Bramble


2006-02-11 Thread Lomaxturtle
Yes I got it thanks Wendy. Haven't read it yet though. Thanks Michelle, Minstrel, Buddy Angel Bramble


2006-02-09 Thread Lomaxturtle
I haven't got it yet ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) Michelle, Minstrel, Buddy Angel Bramble

OJ and Scotch

2006-02-07 Thread Lomaxturtle
Tad and Amy I'm so sorry to hear of your losses - Tad you of OJ and Amy you of Scotch - it's heartbreaking but I'm pleased they had you as parents until the end - they had all the love and best care possible. God bless their souls Michelle, Buddy, Minstrel Angel Bramble

Kitty with sudden back leg problem

2006-01-31 Thread Lomaxturtle
Sounds like Ataxia. Tidge had it towards the end of her FIV. There are different causes of it including tumor or disk problems. Sometimes with FIV the infection spreads to the CNS which can cause it but not sure if thisw is the same for FeLV. Michelle, Minstrel, Buddy Angel Bramble


2006-01-31 Thread Lomaxturtle
Oh that is so awful Hideyo. Sounds like this woman who keeps complaining needs to get a life of her own and leave you alone. You are doing a wonderful job for these kitties and this woman is just plain ignorant. I agree that a letter fromn your lawyer would carry more weight but that may also fuel

Sick Kitties

2006-01-26 Thread Lomaxturtle
So many kitties sick again - my thoughts are going out to you all. Michelle, Minstrel, Buddy, Angel Bramble

Pray for Black Cat

2006-01-19 Thread Lomaxturtle
I don't know this Black Cat personally but I'd like it if people could pray to keep it's soul rested. On my way to work this morning and was driving along the motorway when I saw a black furball rolling - then it moved. It was a black kittie just been hit and it was trying to run off but


2006-01-17 Thread Lomaxturtle
Glad you liked the poem and sorry for making you cry but I guess when something comes deep from the heart then it is inevitable that others experiencing the same will cry - I still do. It's nice to be able to share it here because general public would think it was over the top for losing a

Starman and Cricket

2006-01-17 Thread Lomaxturtle
Starman Positive thoughts going out to Starman - I will say a prayer. Waiting for Cricket to visit I agree when you are waiting and trying to see (in this case Cricket) you close yourself off because the spirit cannot access your soul as it is too occupied (well that's my theory). When Tidge

Virtual friend

2006-01-16 Thread Lomaxturtle
Someone put this on the FIV group - he is cute - he purrs when you pet his chest with the cursor and chases it when it's above his head Michelle, Buddy, Minstrel Angel Bramble

Here's the Poem I wrote after losing Tidge for those who wanted to see it.

2006-01-15 Thread Lomaxturtle
Poem for Little Tidge We found each other wandering - I gave you shelter from the storm The misfortunes life had dealt you left you frightened and withdrawn Our lives combined, our love grew strong, and you knew that you were saved From past neglect and heartache when love was all you


2006-01-15 Thread Lomaxturtle
So sorry to hear Tiggie passed over - she is at peace now. Michelle, Buddy, Minstrel Angel Bramble

Ducky Sweet Angel Sam Ewok

2006-01-13 Thread Lomaxturtle
Oh I'm so sorry to hear of Sweet Angel Sam and Ducky crossing to Rainbow Bridge - so many losses lately yet again - this blasted disease is so heartbreaking but on the other if our kitties had been in the hands of others their short lives may have been much worse so I'm sure they would


2006-01-12 Thread Lomaxturtle
So sorry to hear of you having to say goodbye to Ewok but I'm pleased he is no longer in pain. It is so difficult and I understand that the pain will be fresh for a while and you will tell us about it when you are ready. Thoughts are with you to help ease yur pain and with Ewok that is soul is


2006-01-10 Thread Lomaxturtle
Jenn I'm sorry to hear the news of Ewok's decline. I know how hard you have both fought together. He had every chance and the best care from you and I'm sure he knows it. I'm also sure you will know when he is too tired and wishes to cross and can be there with him. As I went through with

Bailey and OT

2006-01-06 Thread Lomaxturtle
Prayers that Bailey improves fast for you Belinda - so difficult when they are not wanting to eat - your heart just sinks. OT My friend has a 9 month old persian (blue) kitten. For the last 2 months he has let it out in to his back garden and watched it wandering around but a few days ago it

Patches Lucy

2006-01-05 Thread Lomaxturtle
Michelle I send positive thoughts to you and your dear kitties. I dispute the people who said you are the wrong sort of person to take in 6FeLV+ cats. You are exactly the right kind of person because you care and will make sure the kitties get eternal love and the proper care they deserve. I

Mixed topics

2005-12-31 Thread Lomaxturtle
Here is one of usual mixed topic messages. Calico Yes male calico cats are rare as they only occur due to genetic mutation. Ewok So good to hear Ewok is doing well Jenn - hope he continues to be better for some time yet although I understand how it feels to be thinking of what time you

FIV and calico

2005-12-30 Thread Lomaxturtle
Both female cats that I have had with FIV (still have Buddy) were and are calico Michelle


2005-12-30 Thread Lomaxturtle
Tad that is wonderful of you to take in Frederico - so pleased he will havea happy loving home. Michelle, Buddy, Minstrel Angel Bramble

Merry Xmas

2005-12-24 Thread Lomaxturtle
Merry Christmas everybody. Here's a wish that all our members and furbabies stay healthy and have a great xmas. Hideyo - I hope that you too manage to have a good xmas without too many worries about your current ongoin legal battle and hope that everything turns out well for you and you

Hallmark Xmas Card Josie

2005-12-13 Thread Lomaxturtle
Sandy this cheered my day at work - it made me laugh so much I've sent it around to others here too. Thanks Did I mention here that we were getting a dog called Josie at the weekend - well we did and I was hearbroken as we had to return her to the sanctuary the following day - it was awful. I

1) Callie and 2) FIV/FeLV

2005-12-07 Thread Lomaxturtle
1) I'm so sorry to hear of Callie passing to the bridge Tad. It's a heartwrenching experience to have to send them there but Callie was a lucky girl to have a family who fought with her and loved her until the end and who eased her pain when she so needed to let go. She will always be a part


2005-12-06 Thread Lomaxturtle
Tad I'm adding my healing thoughts to help Callie. I'm so please as you must be that you found her and was able to help and comfort her when she needed it most. Michelle, Buddy, Minstrel Angel Bramble

Eating disorder

2005-12-06 Thread Lomaxturtle
Poor kittie - how awful to see all your buddies and owners shot and for those who got shot and killed or paralysed too- people are so cruel. Usually I'd suggest assist feeding but the kittie is obviously traumatised and so forcing food would probably just induce more stress. Have you tried

Eating disorder

2005-12-06 Thread Lomaxturtle
Will she eat baby food with a vitamin supplement added and a taurine supplement - at least that way she is getting some of what she needs. Michelle, Minstrel, Buddy Angel Bramble

Eating disorder

2005-12-06 Thread Lomaxturtle
I have also used periactin with good results but have used it with not much effect to - it depends on the cat andcan be very good inmany cases. I am wondering about the amitryptilline though. I maybe thinking completely wrong here because I am going off how antidepressents work in humans -

euthanizing kitties for bathroom habits

2005-11-30 Thread Lomaxturtle
This makes me very sick too. I had no idea how common this was - humans are the cruelest beings to ever walk the planet. Is it any wonder we prefer the company of our animals. Bad toilet habits can be due to many things as we know - people should be required to take a basic animal healthcare


2005-11-29 Thread Lomaxturtle
Hi Rebecca Injecting at home is good if you can manage - much less stress. I can't remember if your kitties are vegan or not. Alternatively if you cat will eat chicken or anything that is manageable if your cat is vegan - (I have to do this to when I give mine tablets now). I put minute

Toilet training

2005-11-29 Thread Lomaxturtle
I'm not sure Kerry but I'll have a search around and report back. Michelle, Minstrel, Buddy Angel Bramble

Toilet training

2005-11-29 Thread Lomaxturtle
There are a few things that I'd like to ask if you've tried. 1) plug in pherimones - sometimes relaxes the animal so they don't get so territorial. Are there any other animals sharing the house (their patch)? if so put them in one room so that they develop a sense of security and keep that

M.G. passing

2005-11-26 Thread Lomaxturtle
I am so sorry that your M.G. passed so soon. However, I'm sure given the option she wouldn't change a thing. She had the best care and love possible in her short time. Michelle, Minstrel, Buddy, Angel Bramble

Test Results

2005-11-25 Thread Lomaxturtle
I have never gone into blood test results too much before but am intrgued from the ones recently put up by Carrie (if I remember correctly). Please could someone be so kind as to educate me as to what they all mean and what is normal and abnormal - send privately if it is too long for group

Evil Vegan

2005-11-24 Thread Lomaxturtle
Yes good post Rebecca. I agree it is about respecting each others choices and not pushing our beliefs onto other people. I have been lucky this time around. I have been vegetarian for 22 years and in that time been vegan twice - once at 15 until I was 18 and then again for the last year and


2005-11-23 Thread Lomaxturtle
If it was just the revolution it should have at least calmed calmed dow after one month but as I discovered the revolution exacerbated what were mild ataxia and seizures in Bramble into full blown seizure with involuntary motor movements - he muscles were rigid and he was terrified. Luckily

Welcome Rebecca

2005-11-22 Thread Lomaxturtle
Hi Rebecca Welcome to group. I too am 30 and vegan although I work in Psychology not audiology. My animals are not vegan although my dog goes mad for carrots. All 3 of my dogs went mad for carrots but I only have 1 left now - the others had to be put to sleep due to old age related ailments.

Mix of subjects

2005-11-22 Thread Lomaxturtle
Firstly - Yes when people were kindly offering advice about nutrition and recipees for liver shakes etc - I was struggling with cans of fish - at arms length wrapping kitchen roll around it so I didn't get fish oil on me. My cats had to take medication in ready cooked sliced chicken because


2005-11-20 Thread Lomaxturtle
So sorry to hear of Lancelot passing to the bridge Gloria. It is so heartwrenching but he knew he was loved and he had the best time possible with you. Michelle, Buddy, Minstrel, Angel Bramble


2005-11-18 Thread Lomaxturtle
That is such good news about Garfunkle - I'm so pleased he decided he didn't want to go to the bridge just yet. Keep it up Garfunkle xx Michelle, Minstrel, Buddy, Angel Bramble

bloody nose

2005-11-18 Thread Lomaxturtle
It feels like I keep going on about Calicivirus but it's not my intention - honest. When I had Bramble he used to sneeze blood with calici virus. He didn't get the typical blisters in mouth etc... he got an ulcer on his nose and sneezed blood about 2 weeks before nasal discharge appeared and


2005-11-15 Thread Lomaxturtle
What great news - hope Garfunkle goes from strength to strength and that you are also managing to get the research together that you wanted Hideyo. Hope you got my mails ok. Michelle, Minstrel, Buddy Angel Bramble


2005-11-11 Thread Lomaxturtle
Hi if you need info on Corona not causing FIP in most cases then I suggest you contact Dianne Addie at Glasgow University in UK. She has a website on FIP and corona viruses as she has been researching it for many years and is teh leading expert here in UK. Michelle,

Dr Dianne Addie

2005-11-11 Thread Lomaxturtle
Hideyo I forgot to say that if you do contact Dianne Addie then state your history and involvement in feline rescue as I am sure you would anyway. But as a rule Glasgow University are not at liberty to provide information to anyone other that vets. When I contacted her I said I was involved in

Euthasol in vein

2005-11-10 Thread Lomaxturtle
I'm glad you mentioned that Jenn - I wasn't sure how much info to leave or not but it is an important one. When I had to have Tidge put to sleep the sedatiev worked quickly but her veins collapsed as teh sedative causes a drop in blood pressure so the vet had to go through her stomache. I can't

Cricket's feeding Tube

2005-11-10 Thread Lomaxturtle
Fingers crossed for Cricket - I hope this works out Will be waiting with anticipation to hear how he goes on Michelle, Minstrel, Buddy Angel Bramble


2005-11-10 Thread Lomaxturtle
So sorry to hear of Cricket's passing after his and your brave fight. I am however [leased that he woke you up and that you got to be with him at that crucial time. He trusted you enough and wanted to be with you when he knew he had to go - that is so special. Michelle, Minstrel, Buddy


2005-11-09 Thread Lomaxturtle
So sorry to hear Cricket is crossing to the bridge. I had both Tidge and Bramble PTS with a sedative first. I have had good and bad experiences with sedatives before the pts injection but even so I would never pts without giving a sedative first. What I've found is that even if they have a

Prayers for Hideyo

2005-11-08 Thread Lomaxturtle
Prayers coming your way for you and your babies Hideyo - hope all works out well. Michelle, Minstrel, Buddy Angel Bramble


2005-11-08 Thread Lomaxturtle
I too feel anger at owner who owned Bramble and Tidge before I had them for a short time - both FIV+. However the fact that they trusted me and loved me for that short time as Max did with you is an honour and they let us know we at least made them happy and gave them a sense of safety. I think

Animal communication

2005-11-03 Thread Lomaxturtle
Wendy Our animals certainly know when we are unhappy and worried which we generally are when they are sick. I think the most important thing is that you are just honest with them and relaxed - tell cricket how you are feeling and that you may cry because you care etc... I'm sure one day you

Animal communication

2005-11-02 Thread Lomaxturtle
Wendy I don't know if you were a member when I had Bramble so apologies if you heard this already and to those who have already heard this story as many of you have. I had never really attempted animal communication before either but decided to try following advice from people here when I


2005-11-01 Thread Lomaxturtle
Ringworm in humans generally doesn't present as spots. It will generally look like circles under your skin and can itch. Drove me mad itching i thought it was prickly heat. The iodiene did stop the spores spreading from Bramble to Minstrel and Buddy though - they didn't get it and they are in


2005-11-01 Thread Lomaxturtle
Iodiene just helps to stop the fungal spores from spreading. It doesn't have any therapeutic effect but I think just the fact it is cold from the fridge that gives a little soothing effect for them. It is also good for preventing secondary bacterial infection (like bacterial folliculitis)


2005-10-31 Thread Lomaxturtle
Children are more suseptible than adults but if you have dryer sking then you are more likely to catch it. I caught it when Bramble had it. You can apply iodiene on the ringworm areas to help the fungal spores from spreading - Bramble used to like the iodiene as it is kept in the fridge so

Chinese cat and dog fur

2005-10-30 Thread Lomaxturtle
Yes unfortunately very true. It is much cheaper to import cat and dog fur from china than fake fur. Last year I voiced my disgust at a couple of shops here in the uk for passing furry ball scarfs off as fake - they were not labelled and smelled like animal and you could see the animal skin

Shadows and Bramble

2005-10-28 Thread Lomaxturtle
I thought I'd share this I had a strange exprience this morning. I got up around 6.30am to go to the bathroom which is next door to my bedroom. It was dark and I did not put any lights on as I intended to go back to bed. Of course the cats stay with me and I close the door so they don't get


2005-10-27 Thread Lomaxturtle
Prayers going out for Mandy's soul as she goes to the bridge. It's heart breaking but I understand what you say about the value of having a lovely last day together - it is priceless. I hope you can be comforted knowing she loved and trusted you enough to do the right thing and she showed that

Positive Thoughts

2005-10-26 Thread Lomaxturtle
Hello Sorry for not replying to all individually but as I read through the many posts I see so many heartbreaking stories again of our sick kitties. So I would just like to add my positive thoughts to all our sick kitties and our other animals. I'm sure they all gain comfort knowing that they

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