[Felvtalk] Follow-up

2017-03-02 Thread Molly Mou
Amani, Sorry to have you repeat your post, but that was very helpful. Good news! I took Mia to Vet's and my vet was totally on board with Zander's Protocol. I gave her a printout of some of the info you sent. She even said she had no problem with the Winstrol. I'm just waiting for the pharmacy

[Felvtalk] Another question(s) about Zander's protocol

2017-02-28 Thread Molly Mou
Thank you Amani, Bob, Sandy and Ardy for your input. I was wondering how did Zander's protocol originate? Was is trial and error or a known remedy? How did 'they' or you know what meds would work for FeLV cats and how was the combination decided? Just wanted some background to give my vet when

[Felvtalk] Follow-up questions for FeLv meds

2017-02-26 Thread Molly Mou
Thank you all for the information for my Mia kitty. I have a few more questions for Amani concerning Zander's Protocol: doxycycline - Should a calculated dose be used based on weight of animal for this or is the dose that you give apply to all cats. Mia is a small girl -  weighs 7 lbs. Also,

[Felvtalk] FeLv Positive cat

2017-02-24 Thread Molly Mou
I am new to the list. Three weeks ago my 5-year old Miakitty was diagnosed with FeLv. The ELISA test showed slightly + for FeLv. Itook her to the vet’s initially because her lymph nodes were raging – all ofthem premandibular, prescapular, inguinal all the way to the popliteals wereenlarged. A