Re: [Felvtalk] Merlin has a mouth tumor

2014-12-24 Thread Sandy Noneofyourbusiness
One thing I would be worried about, the stress of the surgery may kill your cat. Don’t want to sound so ‘gloom doom’ but it IS something that can happen. My vet and I just discussed this the other month. Our special kitties don’t always do well with stress. Good luck.(we have a cat that has a

[Felvtalk] introduction

2014-10-22 Thread Sandy Noneofyourbusiness
Hi everyone! I am new here so if I do something wrong, let me know. This kind of group is set up different than what I am used to. My male friend moved back to Wisconsin, from Tucson, AZ back in 2012. He brought with him ‘9’ of his cats. ALL had FeLV. Shortly after he moved here, 5 of his cats