Re: [Felvtalk] LTCI thank you!

2011-03-27 Thread Sean T. Collins
Beth: Thank you for the info that it helped with your FeLV baby's stomatitis. I wish I had had that info 8 years ago! Well, having all of his teeth removed was the real way he got past it. :P What amazes me is that usually by the time cats show symptoms, the virus is really running rampant. But

[Felvtalk] LTCI thank you!

2011-03-24 Thread Sean T. Collins
Beth, Sharyl, Andy, thank you so much for your concern and help! And Andy, thank you for the link to—I was unaware of that site. Fortunately, I got good news from the staff at the vet today: Felix's doctor was able to order the medicine using one of the numbers I sniffed up from the

[Felvtalk] Please help: Having trouble ordering LTCI

2011-03-23 Thread Sean T. Collins
it since that time with no problems. I need to provide our vet with a working phone number she can call to order our next supply of doses. We are obviously just as desperate to get this medicine now as we were two years ago. Any assistance would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you! Sean -- Sean T