[Felvtalk] Autumn the cat

2011-11-08 Thread Susan Ang
. She was precious, loved to cuddle, watch Baby Einstein and steal pizza. My home will be so empty without her. I love you, baby girl. ~Susan Ang ___ Felvtalk mailing list Felvtalk@felineleukemia.org http://felineleukemia.org/mailman/listinfo

Re: [Felvtalk] Cat Bite

2011-06-04 Thread Susan Ang
Wash the wound with antibiotic soap and keep antibiotic ointment on it. Also treat with hot compresses. It will draw white blood cells to the area. The Dr told me to do this. Autumn bit the fire out of me when I was 6 months pregnant. My hand swelled up and was red and sore. I never developed

Re: [Felvtalk] yearly vaccinations for FeLv+ cats

2009-05-12 Thread Susan Ang
Autumn bites so we did the two year rabies shot for her. She was slightly sick for a couple of days, but came out fine. Her vet said that if she handled that well that he wanted to do distemper. I am not going to schedule that because we almost lost her twice as a kitten and I think it was the

Re: [Felvtalk] Please add Charlotte to the CLS

2009-05-06 Thread Susan Ang
Laura, I'm so sorry for your loss of beautiful Charlotte. My thoughts are with you. :-( Sleep Sweet, Baby Girl. ~Susan On Tue, May 5, 2009 at 11:51 PM, Laura Mostello hingebacktorto...@yahoo.com wrote: Charlotte has just passed away. I came home from work, went into her room and she was

Re: [Felvtalk] Wilson and I

2009-04-24 Thread Susan Ang
I have to say that Nutrical was invaluable to us in saving Autumn's life. She couldn't keep anything down and everytime she had diarrhea, she also vomited. Nutrical and Pedialyte kept her hydrated and nourished. I am sure that without it we would have lost her. Of course, we got her back

Re: [Felvtalk] Anyone else on Facebook?

2009-03-28 Thread Susan Ang
I'm on Facebook and my cat Autumn has a Catbook. I also started a Group for Felv+ cats and their owners. Susan Ang Sent from my iPhone On Mar 28, 2009, at 12:43 PM, Laura B laurai...@yahoo.com wrote: I am on facebook! If anyone wants to friend me please note FeLV on the request so I

[Felvtalk] FELV Survey Answers and a question

2009-02-07 Thread Susan Ang

Re: [Felvtalk] New to Group

2008-10-12 Thread Susan Ang
One think that has really worked for Autumn has been brushing her teeth. When she was six months old she suddenly developed terrible breath-odor. I went out and got her a tooth brush from Petsmart the next day. She loves the tste of the toothpaste. It was easier when she was a kitten, but she runs

Holistic Vet

2008-03-20 Thread Susan Ang
Does anyone have a holistic vet that is willing to consult via phone or email? Autumn has uveitis in both eyes and we are currently treating with topical steroids. Her vet is afraid she may lose sight in her left eye or both as the problem seems to be sympathetic. This just flared up in the left

Autumn's Eye

2008-03-05 Thread Susan Ang
Thanks to everyone for the info. Autumn is doing better today. You can tell that her right eye isn't quite right - it seems more glassy than the other. The steroids make her think she's invincible and she hates her eye drops. Yesterday after her last dose she ran back over and swatted the bottle


2008-03-05 Thread Susan Ang
I am so sorry for the loss of BooBoo. I know that nothing I can say can take away the pain, but I am thinking about your family. I am terribly sorry. He sounded like such a sweetheart. Peace and blessing to you. *HUGS* ~Susan A.

Eye Problems

2008-03-04 Thread Susan Ang
I had to take Autumn to the vet today. Yesterday I noticed that she would sit with her right eye squinched shut. I tried to wash it and she got mad and bit. I tried to give her overnight to resolve it, but this morning she barely opened it. She kept sitting with her eyes closed or in a loaf

Re: fixing a leukemia kitty

2008-02-07 Thread Susan Ang
We just had Autumn spayed three weeks ago and there were no complications. She has reacted badly to vaccinations in the past so we were very nervous, but she came through with flying colors. The did a pre-op blood test for kidney and liver function. They also sent us home with 10 days worth of

Toothpaste Brand

2008-01-29 Thread Susan Ang
Dawn, I use Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste in Malt flavor on Autumn. Autumn loves it so much that she chased me down when I went to check the brand. I started her out by letting her lick the paste off the brush and then flipped her upside down in my lap and used the brush on her. From what I've


2008-01-26 Thread Susan Ang
Autumn pants sometimes after moderate to vigorous play, but I have never had a cat do that before. We hadn't mentioned it to the vet because we thought it was just too hot. We did Google it. Is it sustained panting that we need to be worried about or any panting in general? Autumn goes back the

Brushing Teeth

2008-01-26 Thread Susan Ang
In December, Autumn developed bad breath. I checked her mouth and her gums looked inflamed and a few of her teeth were yellowy. After Christmas, we went to PetSmart and got her a little red tooth brush and malt flavored paste. I expected a bit of a fight, but she loves the flavor and runs to get

Ember and

2008-01-25 Thread Susan Ang
Lance, I was so glad to hear that you were able to get treatment for Ember. My prayers are definitely with you. Autumn was on metronidazole back in October and she used to gag terribly sometimes because of the medicine. Apparently it tastes terrible. Our vet had us cushion it in the syringe

Autumn still Positive

2008-01-25 Thread Susan Ang
Autumn got spayed Monday and they re-tested her for FeLV. We were hoping she would kick it, but she was still showing a strong positive on the ELISA test. Since the spay she has to wear one of those Elizabethean collars. We can't take it off for two minutes without her attacking her sutures.

Autumn and Diarrhea

2007-11-05 Thread Susan Ang
Hey All, Autumn is doing really well overall. She's been feeling so good in fact that she's been trying to steal human food. She's tried to do this as long as we've had her. The only difference is that she's now bigger and sneakier. On Friday night she got into a plate and ate some pizza crust

Autumn - Update amd Transfer Factor Question

2007-10-24 Thread Susan Ang
Hey Everyone, Thank you so much for the support and kind messages. Autumn has finally recovered and is no longer in pain. Her vets keep pushing me to give her vaccinations, but shortly after she has them she gets sick! I don't think they are using dead vaccines, which is recommended for

Autumn - Again

2007-10-17 Thread Susan Ang
Autumn is sick again! Despite all of our precautions which include Lysol-ing the bottom of our shoes when we come in from outside. This has been a really bad illness for her. She was lethargic Monday afternoon so I checked and found one of her glands in her throat swollen. I immediately made a

Mega C Plus?

2007-10-07 Thread Susan Ang
Hello All! Autumn is doing great. She's learned to play fetch with her mousies. I've never had a cat do that before. I think sometimes she's a little bored with us humans. I feel bad that we can't get her a friend. We've gotten her some free-standing toys and play with her often. Anyone else have

Books, Lists and Other Resources

2007-09-27 Thread Susan Ang
What are some other resources people use? I was surprised to find there aren't any books on FeLV - at least none I could find. Are there other places out there on the web that people frequent for info? I'm one of those people who read and read and read on a subject that bothers me. I am working on


2007-09-27 Thread Susan Ang
Since Autumn has been sick the vet didn't want to give her her booster. The first time she got sick was two days after her first shots. She was found outside and was relatively healthy. Has anyone else had problems with a cat with viremia and vaccinations? Just curious. ~Susan A.

Autumn - Update

2007-09-26 Thread Susan Ang
Thanks to everyone who responded. Autumn is about 11 weeks old. She has really responded the treatments and has perked up considerably. The Pedialyte definitely helped. Once we brought her home from vet, I started her immediately on her antibiotics, but within the hour she had vomiting and

Autumn - Rough Time

2007-09-24 Thread Susan Ang
Wow it's been a rough time for little Autumn. We just came back from our second vet visit in two and a half weeks. The first time Autumn was slightly lethargic with fever and swollen glands so they put her on Amoxicillan. She responded quickly and perked right up. However, this week she lapsed

Swollen Glands?

2007-09-12 Thread Susan Ang
Hi there, thank you to everyone who's posted info for us. I've been reading the archives, but it's a lot of material to work through. Autumn has only tested positive on the ELISA test so far. she goes back in 6 mos for a second round of testing. At that point we will redo the ELISA and send off

Information Please

2007-09-11 Thread Susan Ang
We have a new baby that we found outside a local apartment complex. We named her Autumn and she is sweet, affectionate and so smart. She is only 9 weeks old and FeLV+ This is the first cat that I've ever has with this disease and the diagnosis was a shock. I have been trying to research this