Re: [Felvtalk] Tweeze is gone.

2011-02-04 Thread Tracy Weese
He is forever beautiful. Thank you for taking care of him. -Original Message- From: Frank Sue Koren Sent: Feb 4, 2011 8:05 PM To: FeLV talk Subject: [Felvtalk] Tweeze is gone. Tweezer lost his battle with this horrible disease this

Re: [Felvtalk] Lymphoma/Brain Inflammation, etc.

2010-08-25 Thread Tracy Weese

Re: [Felvtalk] Restricting cat from stairs

2010-07-23 Thread Tracy Weese
I remember when you posted initially -- I responded that I, too, had a cat that began experiencing rear leg weakness and then some head tremors. Her blood work (a reg health screen) was great (but for FeLV) so they sent her home and said watch her and see if it gets better, worse, etc. Well,

Re: [Felvtalk] Weakness in hind legs (and nodding/bobbing head)

2010-06-25 Thread Tracy Weese
I, too have a FeLV+ cat that has been extremely healthy for her entire life (10+ years) and just recently started limping (favoring her right hind leg) and at times I would see her head bob or nod (it appears involuntary) -- took her to vet and of course she refused to walk, just crouched down

Re: Balance of puddy cats

2008-03-30 Thread Tracy Weese
Then I say...go for it. I understand being tired and wondering if you can do it (again) but something is pulling you to this cat. - Original Message - From: Sally Davis To: Sent: Sunday, March 30, 2008 5:52 PM Subject: Re: Balance of puddy cats ~ new cat?

RE: Snowball

2008-03-23 Thread Tracy Weese
She is lovely! I, too,just lost a cat (although not a FeLV+), but a cat I had for 13 years and for the last two years, he was going through chemo for intestinal cancer. But prior to his passing, I agreed to take a cat that tested positive for FeLV and needed a home (I have had many FeLV+

Re: Need a rescue near VA for Felv pos snowshoe

2008-03-14 Thread Tracy Weese
How is his health overall? Is he healthy or already declining due to FeLV+? Has he been vetted otherwise (neutered, shots, etc)? Where are you? tracy -Original Message- From: Rinn Siegrist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>Sent: Mar 14, 2008 8:15 PM To: Subject: Need a

RE: BooBoo left us

2008-03-02 Thread Tracy Weese
I'm sorry to read this. I have not posted about BooBoo but have read the postings. You and Bob really put your heart into helping him. You will be happy again --and it is not stupid, they do often let us know when they are ready to go Tracy - Original Message - From: Lynne To:

OT .. Re: FELV- cat, throwing up....input/suggestions?

2007-11-21 Thread Tracy Weese
Here are the basics: Freckles was fine over the weekend and even until Monday mid-day, then he starts throwing up (clear vomit, not yellow or bloody, a little sticky like mucus) and does so about once every 4-8 hours, through that night. Call vet Tuesday a.m., they could not fit us in and so we

Re: Lovey is gone

2007-09-22 Thread Tracy Weese
I am sorry to hear of Lovey and Perry's passing. These positives really seem to get under our skins. Maybe it's because they know many folks wouldn't give them a chance. Tracy Need a vacation? Get great deals to amazing places on Yahoo! Travel.

Another one gone

2007-09-22 Thread Tracy Weese
I lost two of my FeLV+ cats in the last month, the most recent was today when I put CW down. She was beginning to have difficulty breathing due to severe anemia. I tried a transfusion (only raised the RBC from 6% to 10%) and Epogen, but today my vet and I could see that she was becoming

RE: Goodbye, Olive...

2007-08-31 Thread Tracy Weese
I am so sorry..I was watching these threads to see how things went with Olive bec. I am dealing something similar right now. But the fact that you struggled and finally arrived at PTS simply says that you cared enough to make the best decision and sometimes PTS is the best choice. Olive

RE: Goodbye, Olive...

2007-08-31 Thread Tracy Weese
Olive was a beautiful little cat! The baby picture is great. Remember her like that.

Belinda--going to do transfusion with CW

2007-08-29 Thread Tracy Weese
CW went to the vet today and got a B12 shot and she and two of her negative buddies were typed to confirm they are compatible for transfusion (I have at least two good donor cats). Since CW is eating great (without any appetite stimulants) and not in any respiratory distress and her overall

Re: Genevieve

2007-08-28 Thread Tracy Weese
Sorry to hear about Genevieve, sometimes it feels like this sorrow never ends.until you allow yourself to remember all the joy they brought to your life

Questions for Belinda

2007-08-26 Thread Tracy Weese
In your message below, you talked about using epogen and prenisolone for anemiaone of my other FeLV+ cat's RBC was last tested (2 weeks ago) to be about 8%. CW is a very small cat, about 6-7 years old and has had FeLV+ since she was a kitten. She still acts pretty much the same as always

Sylvester died at home this morning

2007-08-25 Thread Tracy Weese
My giant (well, he used to be) ol' farm cat died this morning at home. Sylvester came off a farm where I take care of a dwindling (thanks to TNR) cat colony. He got very sick about 2 years ago and I took him to the vet...of course it was more than being sick, he had FeLV+. So he came home

Re: Please talk to me

2007-08-21 Thread Tracy Weese
If they are otherwise health, DO NOT be forced to put them down simply because they test positive for FeLV. Kittens/Cats can live several years and be healthy even with FeLV. Obviously, all cats (pets, people) die so when they get ill and in pain, that is the time to PTS, not when they

Re: Please talk to me

2007-08-21 Thread Tracy Weese
you did the right thing he was ready to go - Original Message - From: Angela Lewis To: Sent: 8/21/2007 2:22:27 PM Subject: Re: Please talk to me Susan, Boy was not good, at all, last night. He went down hill very fast. He was fine last Thursday, then

RE: My little Sammy went to Heaven

2007-08-10 Thread Tracy Weese
I am very sorry for your loss of Sammy. It sounds like his passing was gentle and that he was well loved. Tracy - Original Message - From: Taylor Scobie Humphrey To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]; Sent: 8/10/2007 7:04:58 PM Subject: My little Sammy went to Heaven

RE: OT Mike Vick

2007-07-19 Thread Tracy Weese
Michael Vick and his brother (I forget his name, but he, too is now playing pro ball I think) are thugs. One or both had serious legal infractions while at VA Tech (one had some type of statutory rape charge). And wasn't it Michael Vick the player who used the alias Ron Mexico and infected

Re: Now i've got something of a dilemma

2007-06-26 Thread Tracy Weese
you know, I have found this to be pretty true, also. I have taken several farm cats into my home bec. they got injured and were later determined to be FELV+ or they were simply too sweet to part with. Most have been former Toms (of course, they are immed. vetted/neutered, etc), but these cats

Re: Kissa

2007-05-31 Thread Tracy Weese
Please consider PTS as opposed to letting it just happen this difficulty breathing is distressful and painful. Tracy

Re: Anyone have experience with respiratory distress likelycausedbyanemia?

2007-05-31 Thread Tracy Weese
That is true, but respiratory distress in a cat should never ever be ignored. This cat just sounds so compromised and ill that I would at least consider that this might be irreversible and signaling the end. I certainly don't wish that on anyone and not this poster or her cat, but having

Re: My precious bottle baby is gone

2007-05-01 Thread Tracy Weese
I don't know you guys do bottle babiesthey must so be so very hard. I am sorry this little one did not make it, but without you, he had no shot at all. Tracy [Original Message] From: Kelley Saveika [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Date: 5/1/2007 7:42:19 PM Subject:

Re: Herbie is gone......

2007-04-30 Thread Tracy Weese
Thanks for all the kinds words. I hadn't lost one in a while--and have been fighting lymphoma with a negative for a year, so to lose Herbie (when he had never been sick) was a little shocking. It's always so hard those first few find your self looking for them and calling their

Herbie is gone......

2007-04-29 Thread Tracy Weese
Herbie was in a lot of distress at home and so I took him to the emergency vet (also the place that just saw him on Friday), even after being stabilized in oxygen, he continue to go down hill. His heart was enlarged and we were very limited in what diagnostics could be done in light of the stress

mediastinal LSA --anyone have succes with treatment??

2007-04-26 Thread Tracy Weese
Thursday. It initially appeared as URI like w/coughing/congestion sounds. But after no improvement with meds over the weekend, he was checked again, nothing in lungs but mystery spot on X-rays. We have consult with cancer vet and ultra sound tomorrow. Any input welcome. Tracy Weese Attorney

Herbie (FeLV+) w/mediastinal LSA

2007-04-26 Thread Tracy Weese
an EXCELLENT time at the oncologist tomorrow (except for the indignity of having a little bald tummy for that ultrasound--ook)! Sincerely, Taylor, Billi Bi, Lilibet Squeekietoy, Charlie, Teddy and especially, Sammy Taylor Scobie Humphrey [EMAIL PROTECTED] On Apr 26, 2007, at 1:39 PM, Tracy Weese

RE: FeLV Supportive Vets in DC Area?

2007-03-20 Thread Tracy Weese
I am just outside of DC, in the Eastern Panhandle of WV and have great vets that have always supported me and my FeLV+ catssome have even done extra research just for me. There is a lady I know in DC that might be able to help you, too, I will try to contact her. Tracy - Original

RE: FeLV Supportive Vets in DC Area?

2007-03-20 Thread Tracy Weese
Subject: RE: FeLV Supportive Vets in DC Area? THANK YOU! I'd probably even be willing to drive to WV...are you near Martinsburg or...? My friend the vet tech who's here came from Charleston! THANKS Tracy Weese [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am just outside of DC, in the Eastern Panhandle

PTS = put to sleep

2007-02-26 Thread Tracy Weese
Put to Sleep Tracy [Original Message] From: Debbie [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Date: 2/26/2007 1:50:12 PM Subject: Re: Help needed what does the pts stand for? Definitely do not allow any pts. -Original Message- From: wendy [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Feb

Vacinating postivies (was Re: Help needed)

2007-02-26 Thread Tracy Weese
the main reason I don't like to vaccinate positives is I had one cat that was very healthy despite the FeLV+ status and the vet accidently gave him the vaccine, he went down hill immediately and then diedNOW, I doubt there was a connection, but. it was my vets who said don't vaccinate

RE: Pepper died

2006-11-26 Thread Tracy Weese
I'm sorry you lost Pepper Tracy - Original Message - From: Candace Doler To: Sent: 11/26/2006 8:31:53 PM Subject: Pepper died I just wanted to let you know that Pepper died a few hours ago. He started getting better with this current episode but was not

RE: Behavior Problems

2006-09-19 Thread Tracy Weese
neutering would significantly address the issue. it's not just about mating, it's about mating/territorial behavior which, as i understand it, spraying is one such behaviors. Tracy [Original Message] From: Stephanie E Caldwell [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Date:

Re: Behavior Problems

2006-09-19 Thread Tracy Weese
no one will take this cat unless he is neutered. if you really want to rescue him, not neutering him will make him unlikely to find a home. i understand the heart murmur and FeLV+ issue, but is his health is otherwise good and the vet is comfortable, neutering is the only way to really rescue

RE: multiple FELV in one house?

2006-09-16 Thread Tracy Weese
I have (currently) 4 FeLV+ cats and 6 negatives. I think it would be a great thing to do for many reasons: 1) it gives Crackers some playmates; and 2) it would save some poor FeLV+ kitten/cat since most folks/resuces don't allow them to live. I have never noticed that having more than one +

Re: Spencer's treatment (Interferon and Acemannan) - and Elspar

2006-09-11 Thread Tracy Weese
I can verify that Elspar is used for cancer treatments (Chemo). My negative cat has lymphoma of the intestines and his chemo protocol includes Elspar on varying weeks. I am pleasantly surprised at the success of chemo for cats--right now may cat has done very well and gained some weight. I know

Re: OTS..need suggestions

2006-09-10 Thread Tracy Weese
I would also note that most local ords. re: stray/feral cats seem to indicate that if a person takes on the responsibility for feeding cats, then they can be held responsible for the cats and for getting the vaccinationsso, while folks want to imply that feral/strays belong to know one,

Re: OTS..need suggestions

2006-09-10 Thread Tracy Weese
OK, I can't believe I made such a ridiculous spelling error! No one, not know one. Geez! Tracy - From: Tracy Weese To: Sent: 9/10/2006 2:08:57 PM Subject: Re: OTS..need suggestions I would also note that most local ords. re: stray/feral cats seem

RE: Spencer is feeling better!

2006-09-09 Thread Tracy Weese
Since he is feeling better, would you consider having the fluid drawn off his chest? If the dex shots slow things down, drawing off what is there, might really help him feel better and eat and get stronger. He is your kitty and you know him best, but I've had kittens who needed this done and it

RE: As always, Patches

2006-08-10 Thread Tracy Weese
I hope Patches starts feeling better, cats are do diff. from dogs when it comes to eating, etc. I hope Fancy Feast or one of the other things mentioned works. Usually, when they go off their feed, it takes them a little while before they really eat well again (assuming you can get him eating).

RE: As always, Patches

2006-08-09 Thread Tracy Weese
i have a negative cat with lymphoma and keeping his weight up is vital. i've also been where you are with a FELV+ catright now, i'm having great luck with fancy feast--it's like crack for cats! well, it doesn't make them all skinny, but it appears to be very addictive. i, too, have tried

RE: Please say a prayer for Lucy

2006-07-13 Thread Tracy Weese
Don't wait, get her checked. One of my negative cats, Puddin'taine,started losing weight last year and I took him in to the vets' and we ran all kinds of tests and everything seemed to be finehe was almost ten and we thought maybe he was just losing a little as some cats dowell, then he

Was: How is Samantha today? / Now: cleaning up

2006-06-30 Thread Tracy Weese
I'm not sure there is much chance of FeLV living on anything very long once the disease has been exposed to air and dried BUT I AM no expert. I have read from others that they typically do a thorough cleaning and either throw out toys (or keep them for keepsakes, but not other cats). I

RE: Bailey has gone home

2006-05-06 Thread Tracy Weese
I'm sorry Bailey had to leave you11 years, that was a good run. Tracy [Original Message] From: Belinda [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Date: 5/7/2006 12:54:22 AM Subject: Bailey has gone home Bailey left us at 6:20 this evening. He took a bad turn for the

Re: FeLV+ cat and FeLV- kitten in the same house

2006-04-08 Thread Tracy Weese
I have + and - together, but I do try not to take a - negative kitten until they can have all of their shots. BUT, I think keeping them separated until then would probably be fine, too. People forget that sometimes a slight risk is better than not taking in a cat/kitten that otherwise might not

RE: Texas - FELV Seal Lynx Point Ragdoll needs home

2005-11-28 Thread Tracy Weese
Sometime Siamese Rescue can help. They adopted 2 out to me (I'm in WV) but others have found homes much closer, I think another list member also got at least one cat/kitten from them (w/FeLV). [Original Message] From: Gloria Lane [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Date:

RE: vaccinating FELV cats for FELV

2005-10-17 Thread Tracy Weese
, eventually (w/i 7 mos) I PTS. Now, it could be a coincidence, but it made me uneasy. I have heard what you are saying, but until there is more info, I doubt I would intentionally do that. Maybe others have had a more positive experience. Tracy Weese [EMAIL PROTECTED] [Original Message] From

RE: Anemia - My Cat Arlo has severe anemia - PLEASE HELP

2005-10-15 Thread Tracy Weese
, his body wasn't making RBCs. The test sounds like " Tracy Weese [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Original Message - From: To: Sent: 10/15/2005 9:44:06 AM Subject: Anemia - My Cat Arlo has severe anemia - PLEASE HELP Hello Group:

RE: My little man has gone to rainbow bridge

2005-08-21 Thread Tracy Weese
I sorry Bramble had to leave. I'm glad you took him today and didn't wait. I never regret going a day too soon as much as a day too late. tracy [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: medications_available

2005-07-17 Thread Tracy Weese
Stan-- Thanks for your offer. I don't need any medications rights now, but I, too, have "forwarded on" meds after one of mine has lost the fight. I think the pills will be ok for a while, the interferon will probably NOT be able to be mailed if it has already been reconstituted. If nobody has a

RE: Brissle is gone...

2005-05-03 Thread Tracy Weese
I am sorry Brissle had to go. Thank you for letting her go peacefully--they do hang on for us and I know we often want to keep tryingTake care. Tracy

RE: Anakin is gone

2005-03-09 Thread Tracy Weese
I'm sorry Anakin lost his fightbut you are right, he will not be lonely--so many fur babies to welcome him home. Tracy - Original Message - From: catstevens To: Sent: 3/9/2005 10:29:57 PM Subject: Anakin is gone When I took him to the vet he could