[Felvtalk] crf

2011-11-23 Thread danbin...@netzero.com
Thanks Marcia. I had been thinking, due to his age and some clinical signs, that maybe Buster does have kidney failure. He has a few of the symptoms, but not excessive thirst or urination. 53 Year Old Mom Looks 33 The Stunning

[Felvtalk] muscle wasting

2011-11-18 Thread danbin...@netzero.com
Thanks Marta. For as much research that I have done, I never read that long term predniolone can cause muscle wasting in cats. Now, I find a lot of articles via Google. I appreciate you posting that it does! You mentioned that you had several cats that had this issue. What did you do? Did

[Felvtalk] new member

2011-11-16 Thread danbin...@netzero.com
Boy, am I glad to find this website and group. I think my kitty, Buster (15 yo, neutered male), has FeLV. He stopped eating about 2 1/2 years ago. I took him to the vet who was unable to diagnose what was wrong with Buster, even after several visits. I was unable to get an ultrasound, which

[Felvtalk] Thanks for the replies

2011-11-16 Thread danbin...@netzero.com
I really appreciate everyone who responded to my post. It makes me feel a bit more secure knowing there are others rooting for our success. I think that my keeping Buster on prednisolone is a requirement since he has been on it for so long. I am sure it has compromised his adrenals and that