Re: [Felvtalk] NYC: pathetic maybe-FeLV needs foster/adopter

2012-04-10 Thread kathryn mundell
Hi MC, It's good to see you back on the list! Kat (Mew Jersey) - Original Message - From: MaryChristine Sent: 04/09/12 07:26 PM To:, FeLVTalk Subject: [Felvtalk] NYC: pathetic maybe-FeLV needs foster/adopter BY TONIGHT this is a website for

Re: [Felvtalk] Brando and Luna Please add to the CLS :( :(

2012-04-05 Thread kathryn mundell
Hi Lee, SIDS is an offshoot of Crash's Landing Cat Rescue Placement, SIDS is for the special needs kitties. see: Crash's Landing and Big Sid's Sanctuary are devoted to taking at-risk stray cats off the streets of the greater Grand Rapids area, providing them

Re: [Felvtalk] Please Share Thoughts on TNR Dilemma

2011-08-11 Thread kathryn mundell
Hi Bonnie, I would try to bring her over to your house, but not directly outside. Do you have a small room @ your house you can use for a few weeks? If so, you should keep her in there - with litter, food water a place to hide (large box with hole in it some towels will do just fine)

Re: [Felvtalk] Sorry to Ask so much, but...

2011-08-11 Thread kathryn mundell
Hey Bonnie - No apologies necessary!! I would crack open a window in the bathroom (if it has a window). If it doesn't have a window - try bringing in some plants/soil/etc (in a pot) from the outside. Once she has gotten more used to you - set up a large crate (covered with a tarp) that

Re: [Felvtalk] ADMIN: Testing the list on the new host

2011-08-08 Thread kathryn mundell
Hey James, Everything appears to be working! (Thank you for all that you have done continue to do!!) Just a question for you - which host did you switch to - and why the switch?? Kat (Mew Jersey) - Original Message - From: James G Wilson Sent: 08/08/11 01:20 PM To:

Re: [Felvtalk] Administrative List

2009-09-21 Thread kathryn mundell
Hi Terri - You came thru!! Kat (Mew Jersey) - Original Message - From: To: Cc: James Wilson Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Administrative List Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2009 08:23:08 -0700 Hello,Can anyone read this?�TAZZY'S ANIMAL