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Loving cats is our mission! - Original Message - From: Theresa O'Rourke To: Sent: Wed, 22 Nov 2017 16:34:40 -0500 (EST) Subject: [Felvtalk] Wonderful, helpful answers, I am still going to give the poor kitty a lot of love while he

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My take on this disease is that FeL is transmitted by direct contact with blood or saliva from the infected cat. The FeLV is transmitted primarily through a bite. - Original Message - From: Theresa O'Rourke To: Sent: Wed, 22 Nov

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I found them. I'll edit out address material and put all the pieces together as one dossier on the subject. Looks like you've done a massive amount of research! I believe if we offer this to our vets, they just may start to take nbotice. I'll get this out over the weekend. Ken - Original

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Hi Amani, Yes, send what you have to and I'll add them to our chat pieces and resend the whole "dossier" as an attachment to the chat line. Ken - Original Message - From: Amani Oakley To: Sent: Sat, 04 Nov 2017

[Felvtalk] Compiled info on Winstrol

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Dear Kitty Friends, I've attached a number of exchanges regarding the use of Winstrol to combat FeLV. I;m taking my compilation to my vet and telling her (well firmly asking) to read through the information and begin to do her own research. Our vets need to do at least two pieces of

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Good Morningh all-- I've been following the posts to Marlene and others regarding Winstrol/Stargate. I began following when my feral-turned-wonderful-domestic Tuxedo, Zorro, became ill with FeLV. We tried the Prednisolone route and he perked up for a week or so but then just slept more and more

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Hi Kat, I live in Dubuque, Iowa and when I talked to the staff they said no notes were attached. The cats were all relatively healthy; many had fleas, but were otherwise fine. There were two nursing momma cats, but one had no kittens so the staff feared she may have hid them. They searched the

[Felvtalk] Thank you all. . .

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How very kind of you Katherine, Amani, kat and Marlene for your kind words about Zorro. We are going to the shelter today to adopt another kitty. Some say there must be adequate time between cats in order to have honored the one who has passed. Perhaps. I, on the other hand, believe there is a

[Felvtalk] He went on his own time. . .

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Good Evening to all who just responded to Robert's "Anyone still there" email. This is my first post and I stumbled upon this site in my frantic effort to get info on FelV. Our tuxedo, Zorro, was with us barely a year when FelV took him in less than two weeks. I first saw him among the weeds