[Felvtalk] diarrhea

2013-09-04 Thread laurakist
Hi everyone, I joined the group early in the year when I adopted my sweet felv+ kitten, Dani (who turned a year on June 1st :) About three months ago I adopted another felv+ kitten around Dani's age, Pugsly (he looks just like a little pug--upturned nose and big round eyes.) Pugsly has

Re: [Felvtalk] diarrhea

2013-09-04 Thread laurakist
Thanks all for the suggestions. At the shelter he was dewormed, but if the stool is the same tomorrow I will take a sample to the vet to rule any parasites out and go from there. Next step will be an actual visit. Hoping it won't come to that as it stresses him out so much. Will keep you

[Felvtalk] Introduction

2013-02-03 Thread laurakist
Hi everyone, I am new to this group--and new to FeLV. I just took in an FeLV+ kitty from the shelter where I am a volunteer. Her name is Dani and she is beautiful. Long story short, she and her three siblings were found outside in a box when they were about a week old. They came to the