[Felvtalk] diarrhea

2013-09-04 Thread laurakist
Hi everyone,

I joined the group early in the year when I adopted my sweet felv+ kitten, Dani 
(who turned a year on June 1st :) About three months ago I adopted another 
felv+ kitten around Dani's age, Pugsly (he looks just like a little 
pug--upturned nose and big round eyes.)

Pugsly has persistent herpes flare-ups but got that under control with upping 
his lysine to 500mg twice a day and he's been pretty much fine. Yesterday, 
though, I found vomit and diarrhea, which I was able to determine to be his. I 
noticed he didn't eat yeaterday or today with his usual gusto--it's usually 
gone in a nanosecond. His stool is pasty and jelly-like. There was a very faint 
pinkish hue to some of it yeaterday. He is still active but not his usual 
spazzy self. I started probiotic this morning and hope it will help.

He is not feverish and is hydrated. Dani is totally fine.

He also gets NuCat vitamins, two twice a day, and is on a grain free wet food 
only diet.

I was going to try some pumpkin in his food...I was wondering what other 
suggestions there are for treating the diarrhea. I also have slippery elm bark.

I know I can call my vet and get flagyl or tylan powder but wanted to reach out 
here first. I just hate giving antibiotics when it's not known if it's a 
bacterial cause.

Thanks for reading,

Laura, Dani and her bff Pugsly
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Re: [Felvtalk] diarrhea

2013-09-04 Thread laurakist

Thanks all for the suggestions.  At the shelter he was dewormed, but if the 
stool is the same tomorrow I will take a sample to the vet to rule any 
parasites out and go from there. Next step will be an actual visit. Hoping it 
won't come to that as it stresses him out so much. 

Will keep you posted,

Laura, Dani  Pugs

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[Felvtalk] Introduction

2013-02-03 Thread laurakist
Hi everyone, 

I am new to this group--and new to FeLV. I just took in an FeLV+ kitty from the 
shelter where I am a volunteer. Her name is Dani and she is beautiful. Long 
story short, she and her three siblings were found outside in a box when they 
were about a week old. They came to the shelter and tested positive for FeLV 
(ELISA).  They were retested and again it was positive. At 9 weeks, they had an 
IFA test, all positive. During this time, they were bottle fed until about 8 
weeks, shuttled to and from the shelter by a staff member. They were also 
treated for URIs with azithromycin. The shelter cultures all incoming cats for 
ringworm and unfortunately theirs came back positive, so they were dipped in 
lyme a couple of times a week for a while and put on Itraconazole. Dani took 
longer to shake it off and so was completely alone for some time. During their 
time at the shelter they were vaccinated with 2 rounds of FVRCP, a rabies 
vaccine and spayed/neutered. Sadly, Dani's littermates all came down with 
different issues (I don't know all the details, but I know the vet suspected 
FIP) and were euthanized. Little Dani was left alone, in a bathroom with no 
windows, and not many visitors. The second I found out about her, I set up the 
sun room off my bedroom (it was unheated but fixed that fast) and took her 

Anyway, I wanted to give the whole background so you know just how much she has 
been through in her short life. While even here it is not optimal--she is 
isolated--it is so much better than being stuck in the stuffy bathroom. Here, 
she bird watches, has a ton of toys, a much better diet and a ton of cuddles 
(though not as much as I wish. I have 17 other cats.) 

I have two big questions: is it possible for her to become negative with a 
positive IFA result at 9 weeks? And, second: how do I best care for her? I have 
her on a high quality canned only diet (wellness and weruva--no fish) and 
minimize stress as much as possible. Are there supplements I should be giving? 
Are NuCat vitamins recommended? Are my food choices OK for her?  I will never 
vaccinate or even take her to a vet (I'd have one come to me if necessary to 
minimize stress.) I feel terrible she is alone a lot of the time and I have 
thought about bringing in another young FeLV + kitty for her, but I am worried 
about causing stress, having it backfire. I have all the patience in the world 
when it comes to having cats work out issues, but I'm also very careful when 
bringing in a new cat, quarantining for a couple of weeks, letting her explore 
while I put others in other rooms, etc. But I wouldn't have that ability to do 
so with a companion for Dani as I literally don't have any rooms left. 

Sorry for such a long post! I really want to do right by her. I love her to 

Thank you!

Laura and Dani girl
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