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2011-06-07 Thread Pam Norman
Could someone please tell me what LCTI is? I am needing to learn as much as possible at maintaining a FeLeuk teenager at optimum health for absolutely as long as possible! Miss Eleanor needs all the help I can get for her! Pam ___ Felvtalk mailing

[Felvtalk] LCTI, etc.

2009-11-15 Thread Anna Waltman
Dear all, My positive kitty, Sylvia, has been largely asymptomatic for a month or two now, and has only had one bout of immune suppression since testing positive (a sore in her mouth, which was taken care of with antibiotics and went away quickly). She is positive on both the snap and IFA tests.

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2009-11-15 Thread Tracey Shrout
Anna, I will give you my personal opinion dealing with severe diahrrea in 2 of my kitties, one of which is +. After many trips to the vet and having many tests for parasites and doses of parasitic medicines, antibiotics, trying fortiflora (which does help some), nothing completely resolved their

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2009-11-15 Thread Cougar Clan
If home made isn't an option, there are several commercial raw foods including Primal Raw that Dixie loved mixed with veggies and my boys love plain. This is a frozen diet, in cubes that are so easy. There are dried raw diets available too. A Google search should turn them up as should

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2009-11-15 Thread Lance
A few years back, Ember had diarrhea that was corrected by switching her off of any dry food. She does really well on Wellness canned. One thing that seemed to stop her diarrhea when it happened was plain canned pumpkin. She liked the flavor or texture, and would eat it up. I didn't even have