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2007-09-28 Thread MaryChristine
tonya, you weren't around as frequently back in the early spring when some of us were trying, gently, to correct those who either out of lack of information, or self-righteousness, were putting out dangerous information. we were attacked when we asked people to do the research themselves, to check

Re: We are not perfect ~ MaryChristine

2007-09-28 Thread laurieskatz
MC,. would you be willing to email me privately? Laurie (of Isabella, Laurie and Lisa) [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Original Message - From: MaryChristine To: Sent: Friday, September 28, 2007 9:46 AM Subject: Re: We are not perfect tonya, you weren't

RE: We are not perfect

2007-09-28 Thread catatonya
This list has always had divisions: declaw/not declaw outside/inside aggressive treatment/leave them alone pts/die naturally mix + and - / keep separate animal communication/ scam. We have all always had different opinions, but we have always been respectful in those