Update on Hobbs

2008-05-01 Thread Heather Wienker
Hi Everyone- Hobbs' caregiver, Jann, also preferred him to be at home and did have them show her how to do meds and feels ok doing it and has already startedthe feedings are kind of tough, and he's on many meds (Densyl, Baytril, Amox., Argenine, Cartinine, Cypro. appetite stimulant, and I

RE: Update on Hobbs

2008-05-01 Thread Rosenfeldt, Diane
Here are big hang in there vibes to Hobbs and his human, and some hugs and skritches thrown in too! I know we're all rooting for him. Thanks for the update, Heather. Diane R. From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Heather Wienker

Re: Update on Hobbs

2008-05-01 Thread Sharyl
Heather, be sure they check his blood pressure when she takes him in. I would ask for the fPLI test for pancreatitis. An acute pancreatitis attack will really knock a cat out is is often missed by vets. Can't remember if I gave you the link to the Yahoo Pancreatitis group.