Re: [Felvtalk] Baby Girl please add CLS

2009-01-14 Thread Sally Davis
Thanks Gloria.. The place I work is in a bit of an uproar.. call it the economy Some of us have been laid off including a good Friend of mine. We all had our hours cut..I live paycheck to paycheck like many.. so a 12.5% cut was too much Now they are telling us we have to take a week w/o pay

Re: [Felvtalk] Benny and Hemobartinella

2009-01-14 Thread jbero
Hey with respect to Benny, In the cats in this situation that I have seen, a blood transfusion can really help. If their hematocrit is really low (15) this can be very helpful. In fact if the donor is a cat that has been given the felv vaccine, it may help convey passive immunity against the

Re: [Felvtalk] My cat Poufy

2009-01-14 Thread Belinda Sauro
I'm not sure if Peter is a list member or not, I got this as a bounce I believe so please respond to him at his email address, if you are a member Peter great, if not you can *join here* Peter's email:

[Felvtalk] Important Information About Rescue Remedy

2009-01-14 Thread Belinda Sauro
I know a lot of us use Rescue Remedy so please read this for your pets safety: *Rescue Remedy, a product most are familiar with for its calming purposes, has a new product on the marlet called __*_*Rescue *_*_Pastille_ . Be careful, _this contains xylitol, a known toxin to pets_, and is

[Felvtalk] 2 FELV+ cats for adoption Angel and Gracia

2009-01-14 Thread KAREN MEIERDIERCKS
I have 2 FELV+ cats needing immediate homes. They can be adopted separately. I am in New York City. A donation to cover expenses would be offered. Angel is a neutered Japanese Bobtail. Gracia is a one year old Russian Blue/white spayed female. They are friendly and healthy. Tested positive on