Re: [Felvtalk] Assisted Feeding

2009-02-18 Thread jbero
I agree with the others. If it's hemolytic anemia caused by hemobartonella - doxy and prednisone can help. Usually this can be identified on a blood smear. If it's strictly the felv, only a blood transfusion will help and this will only buy you some time - in the matter of weeks to months.

Re: [Felvtalk] Assisted Feeding

2009-02-18 Thread Christy Buchin
Hang in there! With a blood transfusion it could really help. They are a little costly but so worth it. Our Gray Kitty's Hematocrit was at an all time low of 9! They had no idea how he was still alive. With the blood transfusion it brought his Hematocrit back within the normal range and

[Felvtalk] Shots for Felv/Re Testing for Non Felv Cat

2009-02-18 Thread Maria Ianiro
Hi everyone My kitten Bernie was diagnosed with Felv about 2 months after we got him home from the shelter. He was on interferon for 45 days, retested, and is still positive. When we got him from the shelter he did not have his second set of vaccinations yet. He is now 8 months old. I am

[Felvtalk] Survey Responses

2009-02-18 Thread Maria Ianiro
AT WHAT AGE DID YOUR CAT BECOME FeLV POSITIVE? Bernie was 5 months old when he was adopted. The shelter told us he was negative for FeLV. He was sick the day we got him, be we didnt figure out it was FeLV until about 2 months later. WHAT TREATMENTS DID YOU DO/ARE DOING? Interferon, once a day.

Re: [Felvtalk] Shots for Felv/Re Testing for Non Felv Cat

2009-02-18 Thread MaryChristine
i would suggest you get bernie the rest of his kitten shots, broken up into two or not as your vet recommends, then re-evaluate at the 3-year point, as with any other cat: the vaccines really aren't effective against distemper, at least, without the full kitten series (as too many

Re: [Felvtalk] Shots for Felv/Re Testing for Non Felv Cat

2009-02-18 Thread Jane Lyons
Hi I would think twice about vaccinating a positive kitten. I know that the vet that I use would not vaccinate a positive cat because vaccines can stress and assault a fragile and compromised immune system. Can you postpone the appointment and give yourself some time to do some research

Re: [Felvtalk] Shots when FelV pos.

2009-02-18 Thread Lorrie
I had a 5 month old kitten die when he got his shots. I didn't know he was even positive for FelV until he got his shots, and when he got terribly sick I rushed him to the vet and he was FelV pos. I should add this was a kitten I planned to adopt out, and it was his second shot which I gave him.

Re: [Felvtalk] Shots for Felv/Re Testing for Non Felv Cat

2009-02-18 Thread Cougar Clan
After Dixie was tested she received no vaccinations. She became an indoor cat and was not exposed to anything that she would be vaccinated for. My vets, both regular and holistic, supported this decision. Everyone has to make up her own mind but, if I have cats or any animals who are

[Felvtalk] Assisted Feeding

2009-02-18 Thread mdgallogly
Thank you all so much for your information and especially for your kind words and prayers. Macy has been sleeping most of the day and when she does walk, she tires so easily and her back legs seem to be going. I had to go to physical therapy today and who cam in but the vet. I gave her the