[Felvtalk] Casper and other losses!

2010-04-08 Thread terrie
Hello, So sorry I haven't posted in a while but do read the postings when I can. I'm so sorry for your loss of Casper! Thank you for sharing your loss of him with us. It is never easy to lose a kitty whether they have FELV or not. They all have their little quirks and we love them for it. Theydo

Re: [Felvtalk] Felvtalk - introduction - Chewie and Stitch

2010-04-08 Thread Joe Reil
Good evening, I don't know if anyone currently active remembers me, I first signed up for this list in April of 2007, when one cat (Chewie) was diagnosed with FELV after getting sick. I haven't been really active on here since, but I thought I'd post again with an update. My original

[Felvtalk] Epogen

2010-04-08 Thread Frank Sue Koren
Hello everyone, I have most of a 1ML SDV vial of 10,000 U/ML Epogen and some syringes if anyone could use them. I would be happy to overnight them to the first person to send me an address. This stuff is too expensive to go in the trash and I only used two injections from it. Sue

Re: [Felvtalk] Felvtalk - introduction - Chewie and Stitch

2010-04-08 Thread Sally Davis
Hi Joe She is beautiful and she will remain forever in your heart and memories. Sally -- Sally(me), Eric (not a cat),Junior(angel), Tiny(angel) Fluffy(soul mate angel), Lionel(angel),Speedy, Grey and White, Ittle Bitty, Little Black(MIA), Lily, Daisy, Pewter, Junior Junior, Hotdog (newest)

Re: [Felvtalk] Felvtalk - introduction - Chewie and Stitch

2010-04-08 Thread Hotmail Junk
Joe, I am sorry to hear of your great loss! My Gray Kitty, who did test positive and currently test negative for FeLV, battles anemia. He has been on very high dosages of Pred for almost 2 years. This seems to keep his hematocrit in normal range. His story is a very long one someday, I