Re: [Felvtalk] New FeLV Kitten

2012-09-07 Thread Lorrie
Thank you for taking in this baby kitten. I rescued 4 kittens in June and all of them tested positive for FelV. The vet said their mother must have had it. She was a feral stray. I plan to retest all the kittens in October, as they often beat the virus and test negative in time. Good luck with

[Felvtalk] New Felv Positive Kitty

2012-09-07 Thread Lisa Conner
Hi, That is great you took in the kitten. We just lost our kitty- Prancer after nine + years and he was Felv positive! Not one issue in those years and we had other cats in our household. They were all vaccinated against the virus. So, keep your fingers crossed he may live a long life and