[Felvtalk] Malignant Tumor In Ear

2013-03-04 Thread Lee Evans
It's called high grade epithelial neoplasm carcinoma of the ear canal. The tumor was debulked and laser removed twice. Each time it grew back quicker than the time before. The cat was rescued by my friend Karen. The cat is still chubby, eating very well, plays and purrs but the mass can be seen

Re: [Felvtalk] Malignant Tumor In Ear

2013-03-04 Thread Sharyl
I am not  member but found these groups   Feline Cancer group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/feline-cancer/   Feline Lymphoma Caregivers website http://felinelymphomacaregivers.org/index.html   Feline Lymphoma group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/feline_lymphoma/   Hope you are able to find