new diagnosis

2007-05-27 Thread Jane Lyons
Hello everyone I just joined this group as I have just had two FeLV positive test results on my year old kitten. I adopted her from a cat shelter two months ago with many health issues (upper respiratory, diarrhea giardia, stomatits). I was told that she was FeLV negative and figured I could


2007-05-28 Thread Jane Lyons
Cassandra you and Kisa are in my thoughts and prayers. Does the anxiety and sadness ever go away? I feel as though I am still in shock with the diagnosis. I feel I am back to the place I was when my 19 year old (NoNo) was failing and I would wake up every few hours to make sure she was ok. The


2007-05-28 Thread Jane Lyons
thank you all for your encouragement and sound advise. Has anyone been able to cure stomatitis ? We are working on diarrhea, giardia (which is probably causing the diarrhea) sneezing (which is beginning to subside) and a clear discharge from her eyes. My homeopathic vet is hopeful that a new

Virbagen Omega

2007-05-28 Thread Jane Lyons
Thanks for the information Lance. I will ask my vet about it tomorrow as well as the Innova-EVO and Transfer Factor. She has given me the Maitake DMG. I've been giving it to her twice a day since Friday. I am so grateful to have found this list. I was thinking how isolated and scary it would

Wendy: giardia

2007-05-29 Thread Jane Lyons
Wendy I think that giardia is most often contracted from contaminated water. I found MeMe through a photo on Petfinders. It was two months after NoNo died and there was something about her face that struck a cord. I called the 'shelter' and was told that she was just getting over an upper

Virbagen Omega..Lance?

2007-05-29 Thread Jane Lyons
I spoke to my homeopathic vet today and she does not know about Virbagen Omega but said she would be very interested in researching it. Lance can you give me any contact info that I can forward to her? Also ...I was reading about Immuno Regulin on the Home Page for this website. Has anyone any

For Rent To Animal Lover

2007-05-31 Thread Jane Lyons
Nina I'm visualizing the reincarnation of James Herriot (All Creatures Great and Small) renting the house next door. Here's hoping your caring vibes attract a conscious person. Jane


2007-05-31 Thread Jane Lyons
Cassandra I cannot imagine how tired and stressed you must be. I wonder if the sudden loss of her 'housemates' has been an assault on Kissa's immunity. She is on her own path and you are doing everything you can to support her. She will let you know. Take care of yourself. Jane

any suggestions

2007-06-02 Thread Jane Lyons
It has been one week since MeMe's diagnosis and yesterday I thought we were making progress. Her swollen glands are noticeably diminished, her sneezing has all but stopped and her bad breath from stomatitis is very much improved. Her appetite has been great and I have been able to get her to

Reply to Mary

2007-06-02 Thread Jane Lyons
Mary, I would make the assumption that Chica is negative, and will always be negative and will live a long and happy life. I think that 30% of cats (probably many more) have a natural immunity to FeLV. After two years of living together, it seems that Chica is one of the lucky ones. Don't worry

Lycine and supplement fatigue

2007-06-02 Thread Jane Lyons
What is the best quality Lycine to get? I just Googled it, and there are dozens of brands and I know that since supplements are not regulated, that a quality name is important. Also, how do all of you deal with the 'supplement fatigue'. We've only been into this for a week, but I can see that


2007-06-02 Thread Jane Lyons
Hoping that Kisa has a good night and that all of you can get some much needed sleep. Sleep tight Jane

outdoor enclosures

2007-06-03 Thread Jane Lyons
I'm sorry to be constantly asking questions, but hopefully we can get the newness of this diagnosis and all the issues it raises on the right path ... Can anyone recommend an outdoor enclosure for cats that works well. Again, I Googled the category and there are hundreds of choices. I was hoping

cassandra...pill plunger?

2007-06-03 Thread Jane Lyons
Cassandra do you have a pill plunger to pill Kisa? We got one from our vet and it has made pilling MeMe and our Scotties so much easier. If you don't have one, I can ask my vet where you can get one. Jane

outdoor enclosures

2007-06-03 Thread Jane Lyons
Thanks everyone for all the great suggestions and links. Kelly thank you for the link to your wonderful rescue facility and especially for the loving care you give to those sweet, vulnerable beings. Dede I would love to get your ideas for a enclosure. I'll be in touch. Jane

Belinda ...Giardia information

2007-06-06 Thread Jane Lyons
Thanks very much for the research on Giardia. My vet has sent us Panacur as the Metronidazole did not work and she (MeMe) could not tolerate Drontal. We're taking all the recommended precautions to prevent transmission. It is a really difficult one. I appreciate the time you spent on getting us


2007-06-06 Thread Jane Lyons
Phaewryn, I think you are right about the success of FortiFlora having to do with the fact that cats actually like it and eat it. My vet is suspicious of anything out of Purina, but thinks that they got this one right. A friend found it on line for $16.00 a box (of 30 packets) with an $8.00


2007-06-06 Thread Jane Lyons
Cassandra, thinking of you and Kisa. Hoping that you had a good night. Jane

link for FortiFlora

2007-06-06 Thread Jane Lyons pf%5Fid=30153417dept%5Fid=5brand%5Fid=885mscssid=8VLQ49G57W198N3SDFLV K5Q1B5KSBXN9 It is 18.00, not 16.00 I really have not been using it long enough to recommend it, but the vet I use has had very good results. to be continued


2007-06-07 Thread Jane Lyons
Thanks for asking about her. I welcome the chance to talk about her to people who know and live with this disease. One thing I've learned in these past 12 days is there is no consistency or statics. We've gotten rid of swollen glands and very bad breath, but sneezes and a runny eye are back.

raw diet

2007-06-11 Thread Jane Lyons
I feed my dogs, and have fed my former cats a raw diet. I follow both Dr Richard Pitcairn and Dr Ian Billinghurst's species appropriate concepts and recipes. Both my dogs and cats have thrived on it. Both the vets I use (allopathic and homeopathic) think that if I can wean MeMe from crack to a

raw diet

2007-06-12 Thread Jane Lyons
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 17:34:36 -0500 From: Marylyn [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: raw diet To: Message-ID: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1 Will MeMe eat raw if there is nothing else to eat? Or if you mix a small amount of food with or


2007-06-13 Thread Jane Lyons
Cassandra I am so very sorry for your loss. I hope you can find comfort knowing that she is reunited with Koda and that they are both without pain. I hope you can now get some rest. Jane


2007-06-13 Thread Jane Lyons
We who choose to surround ourselves With lives even more temporary than our own Live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached For Charity, Kisa, Jet and Nookie and to those who loved them 'rest in peace' Jane

Re: Wallace Request: Liver shake recipe?

2007-06-15 Thread Jane Lyons
Dear Jean It is so nice to know that you and Wallace had a much better day. I hope that when you get the recipe for the liver shake, that he laps it up and that you guys can share many blissful moments together. Jane Greetings, folks-- In all the *wonderful* advice and support I've gotten

Re: Kisa is gone, thank you all

2007-06-16 Thread Jane Lyons
I often wonder what the link is between those of us who forge deep emotional connections with their pets, and those who do not, or cannot. I have always felt like the lunatic fringe when the loss of my 19 year old cat was more painful than loosing either of my parents. As we all know, the

Re: Introduction

2007-06-17 Thread Jane Lyons
Welcome Laura I am new ( a few weeks) on this list, but have found the people here to be very knowledgeable about FLEV and very kind and willing to share. It sounds as if Duncan is in a very healthy place right now. I would imagine the best advise for you would be to support him with the

to Tonya

2007-06-17 Thread Jane Lyons
Tonya 8 years seems so hopeful. Have there been times when he was symptomatic and struggled. Please tell me how you have cared for him. Jane On Jun 17, 2007, at 12:06 PM, catatonya wrote: Hi Laura,   I'm in Georgia too.  Where are you?  My positive is 8 years old and going strong right now.

Re: frustrated

2007-06-19 Thread Jane Lyons
Melissa I cannot imagine a vet can be so callous, or frankly, so sick. At the very bottom of the AVMA's home page, there is a contact us link. You might register your conversation with this vet by name. If there have been previous complaints about his conduct or care, they could take action.

Re: Ki

2007-06-19 Thread Jane Lyons
Hi Dede I don't have any information about antibiotics, but now would be the time to do the FortiFlora, if you haven't already begun. Hopefully the Baytril will do the trick. A sore tail might make him feel sad, especially if the circumstance wasn't to his liking. Hoping the boy begins to perk

Questions about FeLV treatments

2007-06-20 Thread Jane Lyons
I am trying to decide what the best treatment would be for my cat (MeMe) who has 'moderate, but improving symptoms' of FeLV. (we are having success with stomatitis and giardia, but still have some swollen glands and a runny nose). I asked one vet that I use to order Virbagen Omega for me. This


2007-06-21 Thread Jane Lyons
The risk of vaccination and sarcoma is not inconsequential. Many veterinarians have altered their vaccination protocols to every three years because recent studies that have indicated we are over vaccinating our animals. In many instances one vaccination can protect an animal for its lifetime,

Re: Ki still has a fever

2007-06-21 Thread Jane Lyons
Yes thanks Belinda!. I ordered FortiFlora from Pet Food Direct and was reluctant to recommend it because it is more expensive and the shipping takes forever. I am giving so many supplements that I do not know what is doing what. That we now have actual stools in the litter box is 'big

Re: overvaccination

2007-06-21 Thread Jane Lyons This is a very thoughtful and well reasoned article about the over vaccination problem. It is written by a dog 'person', but her research includes felines, and the issues are the same. Jane

Re: overvaccination

2007-06-21 Thread Jane Lyons
On Jun 21, 2007, at 4:32 PM, Marylyn wrote: What you didn't mention is that Drs Dodds Schultz need funding for this research. I am contributing thru a group I belong to and, unfortunately, don't have the link any more. Perhaps someone else can provide the link on the research and

Fwd: Questions about FeLV treatments

2007-06-21 Thread Jane Lyons
thoughts that the recent lump you discovered has dissipated by now and that it was nothing more than a stubbornly swollen lymph node. Hugs to both you and MeMe, Nina Jane Lyons wrote: I am trying to decide what the best treatment would be for my cat (MeMe) who has 'moderate, but improving symptoms

Re: overvaccination

2007-06-21 Thread Jane Lyons
on homemade cat food that i posted about awhile back; she does a weekly holistic pet chat at; writes a weekly column for the SFGate called Your Whole Pet, and is one of the people who hired and trained me as a chat host over seven years ago. On 6/21/07, Jane Lyons [EMAIL

Re: Ki just got back from vet

2007-06-22 Thread Jane Lyons
Dede, How do you know he still has a fever? Do you take his temperature or bring him to the vet to have it taken? I hope the Baytril works. How is his tail? Jane On Jun 22, 2007, at 4:13 PM, cindy reasoner wrote: Dede, I would try the immuno regulin. It helped Smokey with his fevers.

Re: Something is killing my cats, please help me

2007-06-27 Thread Jane Lyons
Kelley I am so sorry that you are experiencing this assault. It must be so difficult and so stressful. Our animals are often victims of what we have done to our environment (pesticides, herbicides, chemicals etc) and over vaccination and feeding poor quality food. It has been going on for too


2007-06-27 Thread Jane Lyons
Cassandra I've been off line for this past week and was so sad to see that Tomi did not make it. My first thought was that at least he is with Kisa and that they are both out of pain. I hope you can take comfort in knowing that. Jane

Re: Anemia Issues

2007-06-27 Thread Jane Lyons
Dear Caroline Here's hoping that this transfusion will bring Monkee back and give you plenty of time to regroup. It is such a difficult time for the both of you. I hope that this new vet will give you both the support that you need, and help in knowing when it is the time, whenever that may

Re: new here ~ feleuk+ cat with high temp ~blood work and other Qs

2007-06-30 Thread Jane Lyons
Hi Laurie The home page for this group has a list and explanation of the drugs that are being used for FeLV Hope Isabella improves. Jane Jun 30, 2007, at 10:50 AM, laurieskatz wrote: Hello and many thanks to all who responded (what a knowledgable and

Re: Ki is an Angel

2007-06-30 Thread Jane Lyons
Dede I am so sorry. I was hoping that when I turned this computer on that there would be some good news about Ki. He was lucky to have found you. I hope you can find comfort in the good times you shared and knowing that he finally felt loved and cared for. You fought for him until the very end,

Re: goodbye.

2007-07-01 Thread Jane Lyons
I'm not sure what is going on here, but for a new person (me) it is very sad since I've come to rely on this list as a lifeline for my Felv positive cat. I use two vets, one of them well known nationally, and neither of them have the knowledge and experience that you guys (collectively) have

Re: stomatitis

2007-07-01 Thread Jane Lyons
. Glad to hear about MeME. I have a sick Li Won (mouth), Toby (mouth), Rufus(diabetes) and Hambone(uri and whatever) - none are FELV however. Wondering what you did for the stomatitis...? Gloria - Original Message - From: mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]Jane Lyons To: mailto:felvtalk

Marylyn, question

2007-07-02 Thread Jane Lyons
Marylyn where do you buy Just Born and Brush Away? thanks very much Jane

Re: Marylyn, question

2007-07-02 Thread Jane Lyons
of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow man. St. Francis - Original Message - From: Jane Lyons [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: felvtalk


2007-07-03 Thread Jane Lyons
My cat has been diagnosed with stomatitis. I had not known it was called Lymphocytic plasmacytic stomatitis. She is a year old and positive. We got her four months ago. Her gums were inflamed and very swollen and her breath was very bad. My vet prescribed Maitake DMG, and FloriForta ( a

Re: Isabella update

2007-07-04 Thread Jane Lyons
Dear Laurie I identify with your fear for Isabella, I am sure all of us here do. I've been reading your posts trying to figure out just what Isabella is dealing with. Other than a fever and lethargy, she has no other symptoms? I did not know that Doxy caused a change in appetite. My

Re: OT: The Cat, A Poem

2007-07-04 Thread Jane Lyons
This poem was written by Ryan Alexander, a former Marine, while he was serving in Mosul, Iraq. He recited it on N.P.R. this morning. It is from a collection of poetry in a book entitled Operation Homecoming. On Jul 4, 2007, at 6:04 PM,

Re: just bummed

2007-07-10 Thread Jane Lyons
: Jane Lyons [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Sent: Tuesday, July 10, 2007 4:40 PM Subject: just bummed This disease is really awful. It seems as though we take a step forward and then two steps backward. I thought we had finally gotten rid of giardia, but we are back to diarrhea

Re: Archives? Brewers yeast info? Vit C?

2007-07-12 Thread Jane Lyons
Laurie be careful with the Brewers yeast. One of my Scotties developed itchy, bright red ears, as a result of an allergic reaction to it. The minute my vet saw her she asked if I had been using Brewer's yeast. Cats may react differently, but 'heads up'. Jane On Jul 12, 2007, at 2:52 PM,


2007-07-16 Thread Jane Lyons
Dear Caroline I am so sorry that you lost your sweet Monkee. To find that connection with an animal, with another being, is a gift The toll that taking care of a beloved pet is enormous. I hope that you will be able to sleep soundly, knowing that Monkee is free of pain and that his angels are

Re: OT: A poem to those who lost your precious soul

2007-07-17 Thread Jane Lyons
Thanks Hideyo ... On Jul 17, 2007, at 6:43 PM, HIDEYO YAMAMOTO wrote: Lend Me A Kitten I will lend to you for a while a kitten, God said. For you to love while he lives, and mourn when he's dead. Maybe for twelve or fourteen years, or maybe two or three. But will you, 'till I call him back,

'the jacket'

2007-07-17 Thread Jane Lyons
Several weeks ago, after I got the Felv diagnosis, I had to stop letting MeMe go out. She was miserable and I was sure that the stress of screaming at the door handle was going to do the both of us in. I asked the list for help with enclosures and got a lot of great suggestions and

Re: OT: Contact info for Michael Vick, NFL player

2007-07-18 Thread Jane Lyons
Great job getting the information, guys While we're at it, we might ask CNN to loose the vile footage of dog fights. I saw and heard two seconds of it before I could grab the remote. It is so heartbreaking and they are clearly showing it for the sensational aspects. Also, they have a video on

Terribly OT

2007-07-19 Thread Jane Lyons
This is a cat blog that was listed by Business Week as one of the most successful/profitable blogs on the net. Jane

Re: Keisha necropsy results and Isabella update

2007-07-20 Thread Jane Lyons
Laurie Maitake-DMG liquid is the supplement my vet (homeopath) recommended for immune support. Glad that Isabella is so much better. Jane On Jul 20, 2007, at 5:28 PM, laurieskatz wrote: Good thought. Thank-you. I have L-lysine. Is that what you would use???   - Original Message

Transfer Factor

2007-07-23 Thread Jane Lyons
I cannot find the post, but I thought someone on the list said that they used the human Transfer Factor for their cat, rather than the feline formula. Is it a powder that is mixed into wet food? If the human grade is used, what quantity? Thanks Jane

Re: Transfer Factor

2007-07-23 Thread Jane Lyons
Thanks for the information Laurie and Sally. I thought I would try it when the Maitake DMG runs out. My vet thought using both was redundant. Jane On Jul 23, 2007, at 8:52 PM, Sally Davis wrote: Hi Jane   I use the human form of Transfer Factor. Originally I got 4 life


2007-07-27 Thread Jane Lyons
Sally I am always hoping to find someone who has a symptomatic cat who is doing well. How old is Junior? Please tell me a bit about him and how he has made such good progress. Thanks Jane On Jul 27, 2007, at 11:23 AM, Sally Davis wrote: Hi Glenda,   I live in VA so nowhere near Fort

now Sally's Junior and Thulium met

2007-07-27 Thread Jane Lyons
look for Junior funny ears picture.   I still have 10 cats and they do mix. They were all very exposed to the virus as all are very social.               In my panic mode I had to get    On 7/27/07, Jane Lyons [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Sally I am always hoping to find someone who has

Re: Vaccinating kittens of unknown status against FeLV?

2007-07-31 Thread Jane Lyons
Cassandra My vet thinks that many of the health problems that both cats and dogs are facing is the result of over vaccination. I would not vaccinate such young cats, and I would research the Felk vaccine before I would ever consider it for basically indoor cats. The Felk vaccination is still

Re: 'the jacket'

2007-08-04 Thread Jane Lyons
-- please email it to me if you could. thanks. Hideyo - Original Message - From: Jane Lyons To: Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2007 8:47 PM Subject: 'the jacket' Several weeks ago, after I got the Felv diagnosis, I had to stop letting MeMe go out. She was miserable

NEW vaccination protocols announced today

2007-08-07 Thread Jane Lyons
This information was released today. Because yearly vaccinations are the primary source of income for many veterinarian practices, and because pharmaceutical companies have lobbied against this protocol, this has been a long time coming. This version is a compromise, but nevertheless the

more information on vaccines

2007-08-07 Thread Jane Lyons The challenge is based on the need to understand exactly how long immunity lasts once a rabies vaccine is give - the old data which is three or one year is actually a result of the original test subjects being put down rather


2007-08-07 Thread Jane Lyons
PROTECTED] wrote: A good information, Jane, I will cross post it. - Original Message - From: Jane Lyons To: Sent: Monday, August 06, 2007 9:56 PM Subject: NEW vaccination protocols announced today This information was released today. Because yearly


2007-08-07 Thread Jane Lyons
did a bit of research to find out where the original source of this mis-attributed to Jean Dodds 'quotation' came from - it's an article from 2003 - published in Better Nutrition Vexing vaccinations: a tale of too much of a good thing - petcare Better Nutrition, May, 2003 by Ann N.

Re: OT: Just Born

2007-08-07 Thread Jane Lyons
Susan it was Marylyn who recommended it. I got it, but have not been able to get it into MeMe. I have so many supplements to give her and she is beginning to dislike wet food. I hope your guys like it and that it helps. Jane On Aug 7, 2007, at 6:52 PM, Susan Dubose wrote: Ok, once again,

Re: Brewer's Yeast

2007-08-09 Thread Jane Lyons
I've never used Brewer's yeast for cats, but one of my dogs had an allergic reaction to it. Her ears turned bright red and were very itchy. The vet said it was similar to a yeast infection. I'd be very cautious about the dosage. Jane On Aug 9, 2007, at 3:00 PM, Melissa Lind

Re: My little Sammy went to Heaven

2007-08-10 Thread Jane Lyons
I am so sorry, Tee. We grieve with you. Jane n Aug 10, 2007, at 7:04 PM, Taylor Scobie Humphrey wrote: Dear Everyone: I'm so sorry to report that my dear Sammy went to Heaven on Tuesday morning. He had gone into Animal 911 the evening before. He felt quite warm and when I took his

Thulium met

2007-08-11 Thread Jane Lyons
A few minutes after my vet came in with MeMe's positive Feline Leukemia test results, she started talking about a book she was reading about a remedy being used for Hiv/Aids patients in Africa. I barely heard a word she said because I was reeling with shock and grief and really felt like

Re: Mirror of Death - John Stevens

2007-08-11 Thread Jane Lyons
Thanks for this, Nina It is so lovely. On Aug 10, 2007, at 11:29 PM, Nina wrote: The following is an excerpt from an article that was posted on another list I'm on. The felv list is always shadowed by the sorrow and the potential sorrow of losing a loved one. We've touched on the

Re: OT: 130 cats in one flat

2007-08-12 Thread Jane Lyons
Yikes !!! This reminds me of walking into the house where we went to pick up MeMe (petfinders) We were in total shock. Knowing what we now know, I often wonder how many of those babies were positive. Who can possibly know or judge ones heart or intentions. I wonder how the neighbors are

Re: the bleach niche

2007-08-13 Thread Jane Lyons
Susan thank you. This really clarifies the subject. On Aug 13, 2007, at 7:34 AM, Susan Dubose wrote: http://www.animalsh eltering. org/resource_ library/magazine _articles/ jul_aug_2003/ the_bleach_ niche.html __._,_.___ Susan J. DuBose ^..^

Re: OT: Scuba Kitty (another funny)

2007-08-14 Thread Jane Lyons
Thanks Wendy That is so fabulous. What a great cat (and dog). Hey guys, Some of you have seen this before, because I've posted it, but there are a lot of newbies that I thought might enjoy it. This is my favorite kitty funny: Is this

Re: Joy Please add to the CLS :(

2007-08-22 Thread Jane Lyons
Dear Sherrie I am so sorry that you have lost Joy and Spencer. Thank you for loving and caring for them. Jane

Re: Success with Rescue Cat

2007-08-22 Thread Jane Lyons
On Aug 22, 2007, at 4:23 PM, Marylyn wrote: Dixie has a 10 x 10 x 6 foot tall dog kennel (a shade topper is on the way) that ran about $200. If you buy the panels you can add on to the enclosure or reconfigure it as needed. Until you are very sure where the little darlings can sneak out

Re: Success with Rescue Cat

2007-08-22 Thread Jane Lyons
Well done, Caroline. You and your mother must be both saddened and relieved at once. I'm sure you will miss her, but knowing that she is going home to a place where she is loved is a consolation. For 2 to 3 cat households, jackets are a great way to allow cats outdoors to roam around with

Re: To Michael Re: Update

2007-08-22 Thread Jane Lyons
Michael You and your kitties are very fortunate to have found this list, so consider that a very good omen. We are all using a variety of supplements, and you will get many different recommendations, the trick is to get the ones that you can get them to eat. l-lycine is tasteless. You should

Re: I am so CONFUSSED!!

2007-08-23 Thread Jane Lyons
Hi Jessica Getting some Nutrical into him is a good idea if you cannot get him to eat or drink anything else. You can put the gel on the tip of his nose or his paw so that he will lick it off. Can you manage to give him the Clavamox? I hope that you can get him to eat, or at least get some


2007-08-23 Thread Jane Lyons
How did the transfer go? How did Nosey react to her 'mother'? How are you and your mom doing? Hoping it was a very happy ending. Jane

Re: Genevieve

2007-08-28 Thread Jane Lyons
Sherry I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Genevieve. Thank you for all the work that you do for these dear kitties. Jane Yahoo! oneSearch: Finally, mobile search that gives answers, not web links.

to Marylyn

2007-08-30 Thread Jane Lyons
Is the name of the product you use for stomatitis called Brush Away? Can you describe it and tell me where you get it? I've not been able to clear up two areas on MeMe's upper gum. I've been giving her First Born and several other immune supplements, but these two areas are difficult. Thanks

Re: Goodbye, Olive...

2007-09-01 Thread Jane Lyons
I am so sorry Megan. It is heartbreaking. Olive was lucky to have found you to experience your love and care. She was a beautiful kittie. Jane tunately, I had to resort to PTS. It was probably the toughest decision of my life--or at least, the second toughest, the first being to decide to

Re: This is pretty interesting

2007-09-04 Thread Jane Lyons
About 15 minutes ago I opened a newsletter from the shelter where I adopted MeMe. There was a hand written note at the top of the page that reads Hi, I think of you so often. So sorry about your bad luck. My bad luck is MeMe's diagnosis. I have such mixed feelings about this woman and her

Re: Update on papillon

2007-09-10 Thread Jane Lyons
Susan I'm so sorry that your Papillon has run into a rough patch. I hope the treatment he got today (please give us some detail on his treatment) will get him to a comfortable place where he can be your 'best kitty in the whole world' for a long time to come. This disease seems to inhabit the

Re: Colostrum

2007-09-12 Thread Jane Lyons
Caroline What about 'Just Born' with Colostrum? Marylyn recommended it as a supplement for boosting immunity and I do not know what's doing what, but the combination I am using is working and 'Just Born' is a part of the regime. It is in a powder form and I just sprinkle it on her food

Re: Colostrum

2007-09-12 Thread Jane Lyons
much L-Lysine do you give them? I should mention they are all supposed to be Felv neg., but I guess there's a chance that could prove to be wrong down the road. I took them in so suddenly that I didn't get to ask a lot of questions -Caroline From: Jane Lyons [EMAIL PROTECTED] Reply

Re: Autumn - Update

2007-09-27 Thread Jane Lyons
Hi Susan I'm happy to hear Autumn is doing better. Here is a link to the list for the Association of Homeopathic Veterinarians: I use both an allopathic and homeopathic vet and with the help of really generous and experienced people on this list, my once very

Re: Ember and weight loss

2007-09-27 Thread Jane Lyons
Hi Lance, Nina suggested I try feeding dry 'kitten' food (any decent brand) because the caloric value is much higher. I did, and MeMe has been eating it and steadily gaining weight. If Ember likes Sheba, I would bump it up. If she needs to gain weight I'd offer her anything (again, decent

Re: Vaccinations

2007-09-27 Thread Jane Lyons
Susan I think that your vet is right. I would never consider vaccinating a sick kitty. This is a link to C.A. Diodati. diodaticv.html She has researched and written exhaustively about vaccinations, and is considered a sane and reasoned voice on the

Re: Whitey's Update

2007-10-10 Thread Jane Lyons
Michael It was so great that you were able to post his picture. It gives all of us a sense of who he is and a connection to him, that a name does not quite do. He is such a lovely boy and I am so glad you decided to 'take him on'. My (holistic) vet recommended the probiotic FortiFlora as an


2007-10-12 Thread Jane Lyons
Lance could the bump you discovered at Ember's neck could be a gland ? Is it at the base of her neck? Jane

Re: Whitey, Day 8

2007-10-16 Thread Jane Lyons
Michael Marylyn is the person who has used PetzLife successfully and recommended it. A syringe is a great idea. I've been putting it on my finger (while Dennis attempts to hold her mouth open) trying to rub it on her gums. It is a major 'event' We have used it for a few weeks and I think

Re: Autumn - Again

2007-10-17 Thread Jane Lyons
Hi Susan I do not want to give you false hope because Autumn is very young, and on her own path, but 4 months ago I faced almost identical symptoms as you do. MeMe had a gland at the base of her throat that felt like a ping pong ball and I thought she was having trouble swallowing. We've

Thank you

2007-10-17 Thread Jane Lyons
Nina, Hideyo and Lance for offering help to Susan with Autumn. I remember feeling overwhelmed with fear and sadness several months ago and you really pulled us through. I really appreciate your input. xxx Jane

Re: Whitey's Test Results

2007-10-20 Thread Jane Lyons
Michael I agree with Wendy. At his age and condition I would say no to vaccs for now. Here is a link to some articles on vaccinations: http:// How were you able to post his photo to us? Jane On Oct 20, 2007, at 12:39 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: Whitey's Test Results and vaccinations

2007-10-20 Thread Jane Lyons
I did not think it possible to send photos to the list. On Oct 20, 2007, at 1:30 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: In a message dated 10/20/2007 1:22:09 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Hello. My vet does only one vaccination at a time and does them separately from the


2007-10-24 Thread Jane Lyons
thinking of Nina and everyone in So California who have been ravaged by these fires.and of all the animals. Please let us know if there is anyway we can help. Jane

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