[Felvtalk] Thoughts Prayers Needed for Darcy

2009-05-29 Thread Jody Butler
Our sweet baby, Darcy, ten months old and FeLV+ was neutered on Tuesday.  We brought her home Wednesday and she seemed okay, considering she'd just had surgery.   Yesterday she was in more pain, but we just figured the pain shot they'd given that was supposed to be good for two days was wearing

[Felvtalk] Darcy Is An Angel Now

2009-06-01 Thread Jody Butler
Thank you all for the words of support. Sweet Darcy went downhill so fast, becoming unable to walk. I drove to an emergency clinic where they did their best for her through the weekend. Yesterday we helped her to the Bridge, knowing there was just no more anyone could do. Her FeLv wouldn't

[Felvtalk] New Kitten, New Worries

2009-08-02 Thread Jody Butler
First, thanks to all who supported us when we lost Darcy, our positive kitty a couple of months ago after her spaying surgery. We just adopted a partially blind kitten from the kind lady who found her and her sister abandoned in a mud puddle. She's active and happy and will be going to our

[Felvtalk] Update re: New Kitten, New Worries

2009-08-04 Thread Jody Butler
... Today's Topics: 1. Re: Have I done enough to open the room where ourbeautiful little FELV+ kitty died? (catatonya) 2. Re: Have I done enough to open the room whereourbeautiful little FELV+ kitty died? (gary) 3. New Kitten, New Worries (Jody Butler) 4. Re: New Kitten, New

Re: [Felvtalk] my New Kitty

2009-08-07 Thread Jody Butler
Bless you for giving this girl a loving home. Our two positives are four and two, and both are happy and healthy. Give her a lot of love and a quiet stress-free life and you may be surprised how long this little girl will add joy to your family. Purrs, Jody, Bo, and Seven

[Felvtalk] New Angel

2010-05-15 Thread Jody Butler
Our FeLV boy Bo journeyed to the Bridge on April 27. He was five and had been doing so well. He somehow pulled down a box of Christmas wrappings from a basement shelf, got the lid off, and ate ribbon. He would eat anything! It stressed his digestive system and he went downhill so fast. We still