Re: Interferon Omega - info for person wanting help

2006-03-26 Thread Lance
with ELISA, so I'm anxiously looking for options that might help her. Thanks, Lance

Re: Add Tad to the CLS

2006-03-26 Thread Lance
in there. I know how hard it is. Speaking for myself, and probably many others on this list, our cats are our kids. Take care of your friend and yourself. Lance

Re: Maizee Grace

2006-03-26 Thread Lance
and more meaningful lives for having had them with us. Lance

Re: Maizee Grace

2006-03-26 Thread Lance
I should note that I was actually addressing both Sherry and Chris. I was crying too, so things might not have come out right. Take care. Lance


2006-03-26 Thread Lance
all who are attached know, they're are kids. Ember is my child. Anything I can do to help her, I will. If anyone has a suggestion or a thought, I look forward to it. To those so inclined, I ask for your prayers. Lance

Re feLV treatment

2006-03-27 Thread Lance
seem to have. Don't give up. I'll be thinking about you and praying for you. Take care. Lance

Re: Ember

2006-03-27 Thread Lance
Sherry, Thank you for sharing, though it's a sad story. I hope you are doing better today. Thank you, also, for your prayers and thoughts for Ember and I. Lance -- Pictures of Ember:

Re: Prayers needed Walter and Demetri

2006-03-28 Thread Lance
Walter and Demetri will be in my prayers as well. Take care, Sherry. Lance

Re: Ember

2006-03-28 Thread Lance
talk to the vet about this to see what he thinks. Wendy, I would definitely like your FeLV post collection. The info that you, Nina and others have given me has been very helpful. Congrats on adopting the little girl. You'll have to post some pictures soon. Take care, all. Lance

RE: OT: Prayer for Philmore

2006-03-28 Thread Lance
Praying for Philmore... Lance

Re: Pics Of Maizee Grace

2006-03-29 Thread Lance
Great pics of a beautiful girl. She looks as if she was a very endearing kitty. Thank you for sharing. Lance


2006-03-29 Thread Lance
Sharon,The word seems to be that cats can take chemo better than humans. Higher tolerance to it, apparently. I am definitely not a vet, and I've only been reading for a few weeks... my scant research seems to indicate that chemo would be fine to do with interferon or some other FeLV treatment.

Re: Pics of my Fiv boys Rafferty and CousCous

2006-03-29 Thread Lance
Definitely some nice looking kitties. Thank you for sharing, and for helping wonderful cats to have better lives than they might have. Lance

Re: New arrival

2006-03-29 Thread Lance
Sounds like Bobby cat has found a good home. I'll join you in praying that he'll be with you for a long, long time. Lance

jailbreaks, URIs and dental care

2006-04-01 Thread Lance
brush" and feline toothpaste)? I've seen toothpastes that are malt-flfavored, and I've see toothbrushes that fit on a finger. I also read (maybe on that one can just use some gauze wrapped around a finger for a "brush." Your thoughts?Lance

Re: Henry

2006-04-02 Thread Lance
after these wonderful furry creatures. They need you. Lance

Re: To Marylyn Re Kitty

2006-04-03 Thread Lance
I'll be praying for Kitty, and for you also, Marylyn. Lance

FeLV+ cat and FeLV- kitten in the same house

2006-04-07 Thread Lance
up positive just by living in the same house as my girl? Thanks, Lance

Re: FeLV+ cat and FeLV- kitten in the same house

2006-04-09 Thread Lance
see through its whole life. I've advised her to try to delay it until after the shots have been given. If it does come into the house, you can bet I'll do everything I can to protect it, including curtailing Ember's jailbreaks. Lance

Re: Just Needed to Share

2006-04-09 Thread Lance
A late Happy Birthday to Bandit. Hope he got a treat or two, and lots of attention. Here's hoping he has many more! Lance

RE: Slight positive

2006-04-15 Thread Lance
. Hopefully, this is just a false positive (not unheard of). Take care. Lance

RE: Please add Necie and Bree to the CLS

2006-04-22 Thread Lance
I'll be praying for Harry Potter and Bruiser, as well as Salem. I'm sorry to hear that things have been so bad for you guys lately. Thank you for doing what you do. Lance

Re: Bad news/JuneAmy

2006-04-26 Thread Lance
I just said a prayer for her. Take care of yourself, and love your girl. I'm glad she got some porch time in. Lance

Re: JuneAmy

2006-04-28 Thread Lance
Pam, I am saddened to read that JuneAmy has passed. My hope and prayer is that you will someday be reunited with her, at the Bridge, never to be separated again. Lance

Re: Prayers for Demetri again

2006-04-29 Thread Lance
I'll pray for Demetri tonight. I'm glad the vet will be looking in on him tonight. Hopefully this is just a minor thing that looks much worse than it is.

Re: Bandy is going blind

2006-04-29 Thread Lance
Bandy will be in my prayers. I wish I could help some other way. My dad is an optometrist, but I'm guessing that the eye specialist in Dallas is a lot more knowledgeable about these diseases, especially in felines. Lance

Re: Bailey has gone home

2006-05-07 Thread Lance
friends. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Lance

Re: Long Introduction

2006-05-07 Thread Lance
faint positive, it's possible that getting her on low dose human interferon and something like Transfer Factor (with your vet's approval) might help her to lick this thing before it becomes a problem. It's hard to say, but best to hope. Best regards to you and your family, Lance

Re: New to the list - hello.

2006-05-13 Thread Lance
stay cradled in my arms for half a minute afterwards. Please keep coming back here with any questions you have, and keep us updated on how your feline family members are doing. Take care. Lance

Re: Bella's Visit with a New Vet

2006-05-13 Thread Lance
bad that stuff is. It seems like, with the premium they charge, Hill's could manage better ingredients. They won't be getting any more of my money, if I can help it. Glad to hear that Bella's doing well. Please continue to keep us posted. Lance

Re: 5 day old kitten -- please pray for her

2006-05-17 Thread Lance
I prayed for her (and you). While others have said this, I also want to thank you for looking out after these wonderful furry creatures.

fleas, Frontline and FeLV

2006-05-30 Thread Lance
One of our dogs has the tell-tale little black nits in the fur on her neck that indicate fleas are incoming. We're going to treat her tomorrow with Frontline. My father is convinced that none of the other animals should be treated if they don't have fleas. My Ember is FeLV+, and while she

Re: fleas, Frontline and FeLV

2006-05-30 Thread Lance
Oh well. We just treated Ember. I decided to take the plunge, after reading some things about the Frontline and Advantage on the web. It actually ended up being Advantage that we have, so that's what Ember got a dose of. Hopefully this will give her protection while we sort out whether or

prayers needed for Ember

2006-06-01 Thread Lance
really want to keep all the stress off of her that I can. I don't see any way around going to the vet, though. I ask your prayers for Ember, that she will get over this easily and feel better tomorrow, and that this will not cause any problems in her overall health. Thank you, Lance

Re: prayers needed for Ember

2006-06-01 Thread Lance
, then we'll figure out if she needs anymore of them from there. She also doesn't get food for a bit, and the dry food is out of the picture for a bit longer than the canned. Ember seems to be acting much closer to normal. I'm still watchful and concerned, and I will be until all's clear. Lance

Re: How is Ember today?

2006-06-02 Thread Lance
Ember seems to be doing well. I've fed her some Felidae canned, and she's also been at her water bowl once or twice. She's definitely back to being talkative and busy. Wow. It's scary when their behavior changes radically, especially when, as in Ember's case, their behavior is usually very

Re: fleas, Frontline and FeLV

2006-06-02 Thread Lance
it on a damp paper towel to see if it exhibited a red halo when wet. I think Mattie has been all brushed off, though, so we can't perform that particular check. I'm hoping to find gentler options for keeping Ember flea-free in the future. Lance

Re: Update on MK

2006-06-02 Thread Lance
Great news about MK! You definitely should be proud if she can take those abdominal shots. I'm pretty sure she's tougher than me. Icing on the cake to have her attain the title of Pet of the Month. As for donations for testing treatments, I've wondered about this myself. I joined up with

Re: Mini,Hilary and Lorelei

2006-06-03 Thread Lance
and people like you are the ones who provide for them and love them as they deserve. You do everything you can to save, comfort, protect and nourish them. Thank you. Lance

Re: New member, :-(

2006-06-05 Thread Lance
if she's younger than that and not in great health, it sounds like she didn't have any close interaction with the kittens. That's my lay-person's opinion. I hope you're able to find homes for the kittens. Lance

Ember and diarrhea

2006-06-05 Thread Lance
, listless behavior she had when this all started on Thursday. She's been behaving normally, so that would seem to be good. Oh, how I wish I could work at home! Sleepily, Lance

RE: need prayers for my Bella's babies

2006-06-06 Thread Lance
Bella's babies will be in my prayers tonight. Lance

Re: isolation

2006-06-09 Thread Lance
luck to you and your kitties. Lance


2006-06-11 Thread Lance
. Take care, Lance

Ember, intestinal issues and flagyl

2006-06-12 Thread Lance
appetite back. I need to order some more Innova EVO for her, too. I'm also considering getting her some Prescription Diet w/d, despite the fact that I really dislike Hill's. Any thoughts on the flagyl or the inappetence would be very helpful. Thanks, Lance

Ember and Wellness DMG

2006-06-18 Thread Lance
WellDefense DMG chewable tablets? Prayers for Samantha, MK, Hannibal, Bandy and all of our feline friends. God bless you all. Lance

Re: How is Shakiti today? (plus MK update and questions - sorry wrote a book)

2006-06-25 Thread Lance
place the dish in front of her. We did try Felidae a long time ago, but she just doesn't like it as much as the IE. Ember's 2 cents. Lance

Re: Thanks for your caring about Miss Kitty

2006-06-25 Thread Lance
I was very sad to read about Miss Kitty's passing. You helped her and her kids out, when many would not have done the same. I think there are people who are wont to give in to treating animals like appliances, and if the cat doesn't work then they take it back or get rid of it. Possibly a

Re: Samanth's starting to go downhill :(

2006-06-26 Thread Lance
Julia, I'm so sorry that you and Samantha are going through this, but I'm thankful she has such a caring mom. Both of you will be in our prayers tonight. Lance

RE: Hannibal departed to his new wonderful life... - thank you forallyour prayers.

2006-06-27 Thread Lance
. Lance

RE: Ceasar is no longer in pain (please add him to the CLS) Doljan, Joan

2006-07-07 Thread Lance
way. God bless you. Lance

RE: Izzie is now positive

2006-07-08 Thread Lance
Hi Maggie,I'm sorry to hear that Izzie tested positive. I don't have a lot of experience with FeLV+ cats, other than my kitty and my mom's cat, though I have heard that it's possible for a cat to throw off the virus. I'm not a vet, so my opinions don't count for much. However, it'd be good to get

RE: OT: No emails for a while....

2006-07-09 Thread Lance
Hi Terrie, I hope everything goes well. You'll be in my prayers. Take care of yourself. Lance

Close Encounter between a pos. and a neg.

2006-08-06 Thread Lance
the surgery tomorrow? My mom is in a hurry to get her spayed, as Callie's come into a sort of pseudo heat two times, and she's just turned five months old. Your thoughts? Lance

RE: Need Prayers for Peter - FIP again??

2006-08-07 Thread Lance
Peter and Wai will be in our prayers tonight. I hope that tomorrow brings an appetite and a break in the fever for them respectively. I also hope it's easy for you to get the feline interferon.

Re: Bad news about Spencer

2006-08-28 Thread Lance
Prayers for Spencer, and for you as well, Nina.

Re:I'm losing my Angel...

2006-08-29 Thread Lance
Karen, You and Angel will be in my prayers tonight. Lance Well, Angel's hip problem turned out to not be her hip. The vet felt a big, swollen bump near her bottom and tail. He took a syringe and drained out a bunch of white colored stuff. He looked at it under the microscope

Re: Need prayers for my Spencer please

2006-09-04 Thread Lance
Nina, I'm really sorry to hear that Spencer isn't doing well. He will be in my prayers tonight. God bless you both. Lance

Re: Dante'

2006-09-24 Thread Lance
Dante will be in my prayers. Lance

please pray for Ember

2006-10-23 Thread Lance
Classic human formulas instead? God bless you and all of your furry friends. Lance

Re: Add my Mishka to the CLS

2006-10-23 Thread Lance
I'm really sorry to hear about Mishka's passing. Thank you for giving her your love, attention and comfort. You'll be in my prayers. Lance

Re: please pray for Ember

2006-10-24 Thread Lance
interferon will help. Lance Nina wrote: Dearest Lance, I was just thinking about you and your kitties today, wondering how you guys were doing since we hadn't heard from you in a while. This is not the sort of news I was looking for! I wish I knew more about what the low wbc indicates

Re: Ember and IR

2006-10-24 Thread Lance
on it. I might actually call him this week to get his mind on it. Thank you, Lance

Re: please pray for Ember-Wendy

2006-10-24 Thread Lance
a precursor to her immune system failing completely, and that, in the meantime, she won't come into contact with anything in her seclusion that could give her a secondary illness. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers, Lance

Re: urgent--please pray for Lucy

2006-10-24 Thread Lance
Lucy will be in my prayers. Take care. Lance

Re: OT:Need prayers for my baby Dharma again pleease!!

2006-10-25 Thread Lance
You and Dharma will both be in my prayers. Lance

Re: Dukee...he is awake!

2006-10-29 Thread Lance
Terrie, That's great news! I've been praying for him, and I will continue to do so. Take care. Lance

Re: question about antibiotics and diarrhea

2006-10-29 Thread Lance
something to consider. I'm not really recommending it. I hope Lucy gets better soon. She's in my prayers. Lance

RE:sleeping with her head down --- my Dharma

2006-10-29 Thread Lance
One of our cats (who had no problems that we ever knew of, and lived to be 17) used to sleep with her head pressed into the top of my mom's big lounge chair. I think she didn't like the light in that particular room. Does Dharma seem comfortable? Lance

Re: Need prayers for Lucy

2006-10-29 Thread Lance
they really need from all the violence going on down there. Can't imagine why liquids would be a problem. I'm fairly sure I've not taken up Ember's water when she's had diarrhea; just the food. Prayers for Lucy's speedy recuperation. Lance

Re: Dukee has went to the Bridge... :(

2006-10-30 Thread Lance
Terry, It really saddened me to read of Dukee's passing. It seemed as if he was going to rally and make it. I hope you are comforted by those around you who share your loss, and by the knowledge that you did all you could. Thank you. Lance

one vet's thoughts on sub-q ImmunoRegulin

2006-10-31 Thread Lance
how to give IR. I certainly don't mean to worry anyone who has already done IR sub-q. Just wanted to report back what my own vet thinks. I really trust him, and, should we have to go the IR route, I think I'll take Ember to the clinic. Lance

how to get a cat to pee...

2006-11-01 Thread Lance
for whatever he's looking for. Thanks, Lance

Re: A story of a little miracle Dharma - Dharma has become an angel tonight..

2006-11-02 Thread Lance
I'm so sorry, Hideyo. She was and is a very strong soul. I think a lot of that has to have come from the love that you gave her. Thank you for relaying that touching story. I'll be praying for you and Simba and all of your kitties during this sad time. Take care. Lance

RE: Need prayers and meditations for my missing little Pete

2006-11-06 Thread Lance
Hideyo, I'll pray and also send some good vibes to Pete so he'll be looking into your eyes soon. I was very sad to read about Olive. I so hope things start looking up for you and your kitties, starting with Little Pete. Lance

Re: Please add to the CLS - and HELP - long, sorry

2006-11-06 Thread Lance
Susan, That was a very moving post. Bessie, Stinky and Daisy were lucky to have spent time with you. I'll be praying for Valley. Lance

supplements + pill pockets question

2006-11-12 Thread Lance
. I'll try 'em for $5. Would I be better off trying something else? I'm already syringing interferon alpha and Liquid DMG, and I'd rather not put her through another battery of daily syringings. I don't think that's a word, but it sounds kinda cool. Thanks, Lance

Re: Interferon treatment for Felk asymptomatic kitties

2006-11-12 Thread Lance
they give it every day? Lance

Re: OT my neighbor is killing all the cats- SOS

2006-11-19 Thread Lance
I hate hearing stories like this. Definitely relay your concerns to animal control and/or the police. If you're going to put fliers up, do NOT mention this guy's name. Sounds like he's trouble enough without getting the idea that he needs to get a lawsuit going. And a pit bull is actually

Re: Bandy and Inky update

2006-11-19 Thread Lance
Prayers for Inky and Bandy. I hope the next update brings good news. Bless you all. Lance

Ember update: wbc back to normal

2006-11-24 Thread Lance
. She has been on interferon alpha, but I forgot to order it until we were almost out, and the vet somehow didn't order it in time, so we missed a few doses. She's back on the five on/five off protocol. Just an FYI. Lance

Ember update: wbc back to normal

2006-11-24 Thread Lance
. She has been on interferon alpha, but I forgot to order it until we were almost out, and the vet somehow didn't order it in time, so we missed a few doses. She's back on the five on/five off protocol. Just an FYI. Lance

Re: Pepper died

2006-11-26 Thread Lance
. Lance I just wanted to let you know that Pepper died a few hours ago. He started getting better with this current episode but was not so good earlier today. I was not expecting him to go so suddenly. I was not at home at the time so not sure what happened. I want to thank everyone

Re: Switching from interferon alpha to omega

2006-12-16 Thread Lance
I've always understood that low dose (7 days on/7 days off, etc.) interferon alpha doesn't produce resistance. High dose interferon alpha, which I don't think I've read of anyone on the list using, DOES produce resistance at around 7 weeks of treatment. Low dose seems to be the better way

Re: Emily is out of surgery, home and recovering

2006-12-16 Thread Lance
Thanks for letting us know how Emily is doing. She looks so sweet. I'll be praying for her. Lance

Re: (OT) Please send good vibes for Whitey, unusual post-neuter complications

2006-12-22 Thread Lance
I'm sorry to hear that Whitey is feeling bad after his surgery. As with other recent ill list-cats, he will be in my prayers. I hope he's better enough to have a fine holiday. Bless you and all of your furkids. Lance

Re: Prayers needed for Bandy

2006-12-24 Thread Lance
Bandy is in my prayers, Kerry. I hope he gets better very soon. Lance

Re: Tiny passed

2006-12-25 Thread Lance
I'm so sorry to see that Tiny has passed. You will be in my prayers, Sally. Please take care. Lance

Re: Bandy is an angel now

2006-12-25 Thread Lance
I checked in to specifically find out how Bandy was doing. I'm saddened to find that he has passed on. You will be in my prayers, Kerry. Lance

Re: Constipated Kitty

2006-12-25 Thread Lance
available, of course. If it's been several days since your kitty has had a proper bowel movement, you may want to call you vet to get his or her advice. Lance

loose stools (Ember)

2006-12-25 Thread Lance
downstairs and some slightly off hours due to Christmas. Still, I'd be surprised if stress was causing this. I'm going to call my vet tomorrow, but I'd appreciate any thoughts or opinions anyone here might offer. Thanks, Lance

Re: loose stools (Ember)

2006-12-26 Thread Lance
pancake batter in the sink. I'm just glad that she's eating and playing normally. Lance

Re: thanks for the fip info

2007-01-03 Thread Lance
Sounds like good news that Lucy is gaining weight and feeling good during the day. Lucy is in my prayers. I have an idea of how you feel. Ember has had intermittent diarrhea for almost the last two weeks. I haven't done much to curb it, other than fast her early on, and I've taken away

can one tell if a kitty has a fever...

2007-01-05 Thread Lance
thermometer and all of the needed accessories to take Ember's temp, but I'd rather not, unless it's obvious she is feverish. She's behaving normally. Thanks, Lance

Re: can one tell if a kitty has a fever...

2007-01-07 Thread Lance
fever than I normally am. At this point, Ember seems to be responding well to one tablespoon of pumpkin in her food. I hope and pray that she's over it. Lance

Re: Marley,Ambrose and Yule

2007-01-07 Thread Lance
Prayers for these three to feel better soon. Lance

Ember's troubles - your thoughts?

2007-01-09 Thread Lance
way. Please have a look and tell me what you think. Aside from opinions, I ask your prayers for Ember. Thank you, Lance - December 21, 2006 - Two days after vet appt. with good cbc, weight, coat, etc., hairball thrown up, then diarrhea

Re: Ember's troubles - your thoughts?

2007-01-11 Thread Lance
that the Flagyl might hurt the good bacteria in Ember's intestines. Lots to think about. Did Lucy have similar hit or miss bms? When did her IBD start, and how has it progressed over time? I hope she's feeling better these days. Best wishes to all of you and your feline friends. Lance

Re: Angel Morgana

2007-01-15 Thread Lance
Kelley, This is such heartbreaking news. I'm so sorry for your loss. You'll be in my prayers. Lance On Mon, 15 Jan 2007 00:40:00 -0600, Kelley Saveika [EMAIL PROTECTED] said: I'm so sad. My little Morgana died less than an hour ago. I noticed something was not right about the way she

Re: felv cat.........

2007-01-15 Thread Lance
may also wish to look into holistic vets in your area, but again, for the immediate situation, allopathic treatment seems to be best. Toby will be in my prayers. Lance On Jan 15, 2007, at 8:14 PM, Anna wrote: We found out Dec. 29th that our 4 year old cat, Toby is felv positive. We had

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