good cat story

2005-11-03 Thread Laura Bond
When I was a baby, my parents had a siamese cat named Boo-Boo. my parents were of of course worried about how we would interact. He would lay under my crib every night to watch over me and one night i actually got out of my crib and fell down the stairs to the basement. As the story goes

Ziggy's negative FeLV test!

2006-01-21 Thread Laura Bond
and even hospice care! They took great care of Ziggy and was the only vet I have been to that gave me and Ziggy hope. Best of luck to everyone's kitties they are all in my thoughts and prayers. Laura Bond _ Don’t just search

Update on Ziggy

2006-09-11 Thread Laura Bond
I went and saw Ziggy today at the kitty hospital (actually visited twice). His hematocrit when he went in on wednesday night was 6%!!! IT didnt even show up on the normal blood tests they had to run a special test! With his blood transfusion its up to about 14% they will probably give him

My poor Ziggy!

2006-09-11 Thread Laura Bond
Poor Ziggy! About 6 months ago I told all of you that Ziggy's second feline leukemia test came back negative and he was ok and cured. Well I was wrong. He was losing weight and just not acting like himself (he was hiding and not playing with the other kitties). So i took him to the vet last

Re: Interferon

2006-12-15 Thread Laura Bond
In response to Del's question about interferon: My late Ziggy was on interferon treatment for most of his life ( about 1.5 years). He took 1 cc -which contained 30 units of interferon once a day for 7 days and then he was off of it for 7 days. However, the recent reading I have been doing

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2009-02-07 Thread Laura Bond
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