[Felvtalk] FeLV Positive Young Mom Cat Babies

2010-03-12 Thread M C
Hello, I'm joining this list serv with a heavy heart. We rescued a young Mom cat and her 4 babies. They appeared healthy for all intents and circumstances. Mom just tested positive for FeLV, 2 babies also did (one slight positive, the other one was definitely positive), and 2 tested negative

[Felvtalk] Supplements for Felv+ Kitten

2010-10-20 Thread M C
Can anyone recommend good supplements for a felv+ kitten? Kitten is a stray, 3 mos, and siblings tested negative all on the snap ELISA. So far, we're giving her Hi Vite Drops, Nutrical, Royal Canin Babycat, Innova wet to all 3. We will retest in 1 month, and if positive, then retest again on

[Felvtalk] FeLV+ 7 mo Kitten--Test Protocols Nutritional Support, Meds, to boost Immunity?

2011-02-02 Thread M C
Dear Kitty Lovers, One of my rescued kittens rested positive for leukemia. She was tested at 4 mos, 5 mos, then 7 mos-- all positive on the ELISA. My vet says if she retests positive on the ELISA in 2 mos, she's definitely positive. Others say we need to do the IFA to get the more accurate

[Felvtalk] When to Start LTCI Injections and/or Supplements

2011-02-04 Thread M C
The 7 mo old kitty I rescued tested + once on the snap test (in house), and 2 times on the ELISA (sent to lab). I got some wonderful pointers on supplements, but should those be started on an pretty asymptomatic kitty (only had minor cold, swollen lymph nodes recently) to help her fight off

Re: [Felvtalk] Finding Proper Forever Homes for FeLV Kittens?

2011-02-04 Thread M C
When considering a forever home for a felv+ kitten/cat, how important is it for the adopter to be able/willing to spend a lot of $$ on things like LTCI? I know this is hard to quantify, but will the adopter have to have quite a bit of disposable income to keep a cat healthy? I also understand

[Felvtalk] Need FeLV expd vet in South Orange County, CA

2011-02-23 Thread M C
Can anyone recommend a vet with experience in treating felv + kitties in Orange County, CA, specifically Mission Viejo area/Irvine area? Also, a vet with experience in LTCI treatments would also be great! Thanks!!! ___ Felvtalk mailing list

[Felvtalk] Weak+ FeLV Mom v. Baby- Test Protocols

2011-05-14 Thread M C
We have a teen Mom kitty who tested weak positive on the felv/fiv snap test 1 month after she was rescued. She had 3 kittens on a cold day out in the open before we found her. 1 kitten died the first day b/c she wasn't keeping him warm, 2nd one died within a week (Mom rejected we tried to BF