Sweet Buzz

2008-02-06 Thread fsftb
Hello to All... I recently took a cat my brother had rescued from some neighborhood kids who were abusing and kicking him. He had fleas, worms and ear mites and was near death. My brother and his wife nursed him back to physical health, but he was terrified of people. They had been calling

Re: fixing a leukemia kitty

2008-02-07 Thread fsftb
For what it's worth I just had Buzz, my FeLV cat neutered last Thursday. The vet said the stress of neutering would be much less then the stress they go though when they want to roam and mate. He came through it amazingly well, even that evening I could hardly tell he had the procedure done.

Re: Sweet Buzz

2008-02-07 Thread fsftb
Charlie is on oral prednezone (?) and he only gets it when his athsma flares up. He has been healthy almost a year now with both his athsma and his eyes. His eyes were so bad at one point that they looked like bright red marbles in his head and the specialist vet I was taking him to couldn't

Re: Diet and Nutrition links

2008-02-07 Thread fsftb
Thank you so much for the information. I have already called a pet store near where I live and they tell me they carry the Wellness canned food and the Natures Basket. It wouldn't hurt for all of my cats to be on it, they are getting a little tubby. Watch out, IAMS and 9-Lives stock will

Re: Overjoyed

2008-02-08 Thread fsftb
Thank you for the wonderful news and congratulations to you both! It is so great to realise there is hope for our kittys! Sue [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Just wanted to bring a positive note to you all. I took my FeLV girl Minstrel to the vet last week to check her mouth cos she was

Re: Computer Help

2008-02-08 Thread fsftb
Thanks, Lance, Actually when I got to work this morning I found the ones that had not come through at home last night in my spam file. All the messages that come to work go into my spam file even though I have the FeLV talk e-mail set up in my contact list. I guess I will just have to play

Re: [Felvtalk] New kitty has arrived. Worried.

2008-09-18 Thread fsftb
Jane, I would be very grateful to hear what worked for you when you have the time. The little guy also has diarrhea. I hope to get an appointment with my vet today to see what we are fighting against. I can't believe the people at this rescue told me he was asymptomatic. He is such a

[Felvtalk] So Happy!

2008-09-23 Thread fsftb
Hello everyone! Tweezers tests came back and it is likely that all that is wrong with him (Besides being positive) is a secondary infection! No liver stint. No blood parasites, no crystals, no micro cystosis. He already looks so much better. His eyes are not goopy, he seems to be gaining