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2010-05-01 Thread kia
Hello again. My oldest cat Kia lost weight over a period of time and I just thought maybe it was because she was old. She hasn't acted sick at all. Back in November my oldest male cat Gabriel got sick and stopped eating. When he wouldn't take water I knew it was bad. We rushed him to the vet

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2010-05-02 Thread kia
me and doesn't want to spend any extra money on Kia or the others. You'd think with all the medical advances these days, they would have a cure for these common feline killers. thanks again, janet ___ Felvtalk mailing list Felvtalk

[Felvtalk] Thanks Jenny--- Kia

2010-05-02 Thread kia
Hi all, Jenny, Thanks for the info on the vitamins. Can I get the vitamin C and add it to her food as well? This vet only offered me two suggestions. The meds I mentioned and chemo. No way could I afford chemo treatments unfortunately. If I could give Kia something natural while not being