[Felvtalk] Seizures continued

2008-08-15 Thread Caroline Kaufmann

I cut the thread down-- this is an answer to Michelle:
Unfortunately, yes, we are suspecting that and all I can say is that I do plan 
to address that with my vet on Monday b/c I can talk to him like that.  I was 
hoping he might have some insight.  I didn't want to say anything in my 
original email b/c I don't want to accuse anyone with little to no proof.  But 
the cause of the sezizures IS important to me b/c of the fact that if the cause 
is organic (dry FIP, Toxo, Tumor), then we are dealing with something 
degenerative and fatal.  Thus if his quality of life is horrible, I will do the 
right thing by him.  However, if the seizures have been induced by trauma, then 
there is the possibility that the neurological damage is finite and can be 
managed.  My mom is a classic over-reactor, but at the same time, pretty 
astute.  She did not want to adopt this cat to this lady from the get go b/c of 
the lady's oddness and obvious health problems and my mom and I both do 
profiling/matching of potential adoptive parents and we are good at it!  From 
the get go, she did not think a hyperactive kitten was right for these people- 
I agreed and I fought the good fight, but they paid their money and I got 
over-ruled.  My mom could barely handle him when I fostered him and would get 
aggravated with him, so honestly I think this is what started her down the road 
in her thinking of abuse/trauma.  She apparently did research last night and 
this solidfied her suspicions.  I am suspicious too b/c the claws.  And until I 
witness a seizure myself, that is going to bother me.  He freaks if I get near 
them- and I know they must pain him so (he essentially supposedly declawed 
himself)-- but it's just the way he reacted...I don't know-- so violent, like 
he was prepared to fight for his life over his paw- not like it hurt him to 
have it touched?  Also because of his slight neglectful appearance-- nothing 
major, but not acceptable by my standards at all!  An indoor cat with fleas?  
Hell no, not on my watch!  And I just don't believe much of what they said 
about him not ever growling before until recently?  That lil monster growled 
all the time when I fostered him- when playing with a toy or when he was 
running around and I would scoop him up, he would growl like a dog and I would 
laugh at laugh at him!  That was like a part of his personality?  I just don't 
know.  He doesn't really want me to pick him up.  I sometimes think that is 
because he thinks I'm going to treat him.  The toys- he just doesn't seem to 
know what they are.  Which breaks my heart b/c he used to be a major toy 
player.  They seem to trigger something in him so I have put them away.  I will 
have to watch for that kind of walking, but he is a stalker he does kind of 
stalk around and the only way I can describe it is like a wild cat at the zoo 
in a cage.  Pacing back and forth?  And he does this in his crate, but out too. 
 It's not a play-stalk like cats do when they get low to the ground and shake 
their booty just before they pounce.  He's straight up, no low stance and just 
kind of pacing, circling?   Whatever happened to him, I'll never not blame 
myself I guess.  But at the same time, I would not want this cat in anyone 
else's care right now.  I trust no one to do the right thing as much as I trust 
myself.  I am not perfect, but I am good and I know I will make the right 
decisions by him.  I honestly can't say I know one person who if they said to 
me right now they would take him on for me and lighten my already over-bearing 
load (that I have made a concerted effort to lighten lately b/c of my new 
demanding job!), that I would say Okay, I trust you!  Ugh.  caroline
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Re: [Felvtalk] Seizures continued

2008-08-15 Thread Rosenfeldt, Diane

Bless you for caring so much about this little problem child!  While I
hate to hope that an animal was abused, I do hope that his problems,
whatever they turn out to be, ARE finite and treatable.  You know, if
these folks are really old, maybe they just aren't up on current
thinking on kitty behavior.  My housemate's mother got a cat and
couldn't really accept that this particular cat's personality was not to
be a cuddler, and she steadfastly tried to *train* the cat to be a
cuddler and then resented it when she wasn't.  She wasn't cruel to her
or anything, but I think Kitty was much happier later when living with
my housemate, who respected her right to express affection on her own
terms.  Maybe these adoptive folks just couldn't cope with this boy's
little quirks and tried to punish him as if he were a whispers dog or
something.  I guess I'm glad, at least, that they realized they were in
over their heads and relinquished him rather than some other
alternatives.  If it turns out that he's not irreversibly sick, I'm sure
you'll be able to resocialize him (possibly with a little pharmaceutical
help); maybe when he's calmed down and his poor toes don't hurt so much,
he'll rediscover playing.  I hope so.  (We socialized a near-feral who'd
been on her own in her early months, and we didn't know how we'd ever
teach her the concept of play -- but she learned, and is probably the
most playful of the bunch.)

Best of luck to you and the little guy!

Diane R.
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