Re: [Felvtalk] Sweet FeLV+ Maine Coon currently living outside needs home

2009-10-07 Thread MaryChristine
michelle, where are you again?

do you know how long he was tested?

please send me a photo off-list, and i can send him to maine coon folks, tho
not that many automatically jump for joy about FeLVs (to put it kindly.)

however, another place to post him is at on their
special-needs boards. (you have to register to post, but it's solely to
prevent spamming.)

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[Felvtalk] Sweet FeLV+ Maine Coon currently living outside needs home

2009-10-06 Thread lernermichelle
Hi, all. I used to belong to this group a few years ago when my positives were 
still alive-- we lost Patches, the last of them, last September at the age of 8 
or 9. 

?I am writing to beg your help finding a home for an incredible positive cat 
who is currently living outside. I started a Trap-Neuter-Return project in my 
town a few months ago and we are trapping at a large apartment complex. Tonight 
a tenant showed me an extremely gorgeous and affectionate cat who lives outside 
her building. She and her neighbor feed him. Apparently he was abandoned a 
couple years ago when a tenant moved out. Another tenant took him in got him 
tested and he tested FeLV+. That tenant then moved out and reabandoned him. One 
of the tenants who currently feeds him can't take him in because she lives in a 
small apartment with negative cats. The other has no cats and takes him in for 
a night now and then in the winter, but will not keep him because he howls to 
go back outside. I am sure he would get over that in a few weeks, and don't 
think he should be outside another winter with his immune-compromised condition 
(not to mention that there are other cats? there and some people in the complex 
have complained about their cats getting out and coming back FeLV+). 

Would you consider taking this cat, or do you know someone who might? I will 
try to get a picture of him. He's a really great cat-- the type of cat you meet 
and immediately think what a great cat! Very personable. 

My house is currently full of negatives, both my own and fosters, and is 
divided into 4 areas with animals that can't meet, so I have nowhere to put him 
myself. I have use of a retired boarder's kennel for short-term holds, and can 
put him there temporarily, though I hate to stress him out by caging him. 

Will appreciate any help you can give finding this boy a home.

Michelle Lerner
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