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2011-06-22 Thread Beth Noren
Hi Cindy,
I'm not familiar with Hyland's Bioplasma tablets either, but if you
decide to try them
and they don't work, maybe talk to your vet about Cyclosporine.  I
have 2 boys with severe allergies (one food/environmental, one just
environmental) and tried many things, including food trials and
allergy shots.  The cyclosporine is the only thing that works for us.
Hate to have them on a drug forever, but my vet says the feedback has
been pretty positive on it, few problems so far (It's a fairly new
drug for cats).  Mine have been on it for 3 years and 1 year, they get
yearly CBC's, but no issues so far.  They are now on 25mg per day, 5
days per week.  It costs about $43.00 for 30 pills.  It took about 4-5
months to start working on one of the boys, but his quality of life is
now so much improved.  No more e-collar, yay!!!

Best wishes,
Beth N.

On Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 10:01 PM, Cindy McHugh wrote:
 Thanks Dana - and everyone else too!

So far, the aggression and spraying haven't been a problem,
 but he continues to lick/chew himself raw.

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Re: [Felvtalk] Fleas Hylands bioplasma tablets

2011-06-21 Thread Cindy McHugh

Thanks Dana - and everyone else too!

My vet also had Capstar, so we used it with the Frontline. I'll definitely 
try the Dawn for cleaning. Thankfully, I have no carpeting, so it should be 
fairly easy. And he's kept in the basement, with a concrete floor that can 
withstand most anything. I'll need to do something with his kitty condo, but 
I'm thinking maybe I can flea bomb it in the shed and then return it to 
his room after it's aired out.

I had forgotten about diatomaceous earth - thanks for the reminder. That 
would be good for the yard, wouldn't it? We leave the screened basement 
window open for fresh air and I suspect that's how the fleas entered the 
house, so I'd like to treat the yard. There's a possibility they came with a 
dog I was fostering, but she spent 90% of her time upstairs and we haven't 
had a problem there (knock on wood).

I'm interested in the Hylands bioplasma tablets. I'll certainly Google them, 
but I'd also welcome any input you can offer. I have a high-strung Bengal 
that was surrendered by an owner who could no longer tolerate his bad 
behaviors, which included aggression, spraying, and self-mutilating 
licking/chewing. So far, the aggression and spraying haven't been a problem, 
but he continues to lick/chew himself raw. He's relatively new to me, but 
his previous owner sent his vet records with him and it looks as though this 
has been a problem since before she adopted him (at age 3) and she had him 
to the vet *many* times over the 3 years that she had him. They've done all 
sorts of testing and have always come back to anxiety issues. He's been on 
sedatives and she said that helps, but only for a while. He was doing fairly 
well here after he buddied up with one of the other rescues, but he still 
licks/chews at times. I'm wondering if the Hylands bioplasma tablets would 
help him.

Thank you again for your input!


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For you house, I recommend diluting Dawn dishwashing liquid soap 
only the Blue Dawn works) and spraying it all over and under your 
walls floors - I couldn't get rid of my house fleas until I tried that 
home remedy - and I think I've tried them all.  The Dawn soap one works! 
supposed to work as a desiccant and is one of the few I found that 
works on adult fleas, not the larvae.  Put as much as your comfortable 

I put a sqeeze or two in a small spray bottle.

For cleaning, I use white vinegar (straight) although you can dilute that
too if you want, and that is also supposed to be something fleas hate, or 

kils them...sorry I forget exactly on that one...

For putting ON the cats, I second the capstar , You could also carefully rub FOOD grade diatomaceous earth
powder in their fur.  Be warned it's like drywall dust and extremely 
but it's an option. Food grade is ok for cats (and humans) to digest.  I 
one cat who would roll in it ( I dropped a small pile of it on the 

floor) and he was my flea indicator. :)

I wouldn't recommend putting it all over your house it's messy, and the
small particles are not great for the lungsI'd definitely stick with 


I had more success with the Dawn.

On another note - if your cat has flea allergies, and licking themselves
bald, I've found that giving them Hylands bioplasma tablets fixed that. 

one cat I have who does and had licked himself bald comes running for his
almost daily or sometimes twice daily pills when I shake the bottle. The
others I gave them to, come intermittently now when I shake the bottle, 

my little Hobbie was desperate for them. Over the winter, he didn't want
them as much but he's started to ask for them again now.


On Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 12:24 PM, Cindy McHugh 

I just realized our FeLV cat has fleas. Our other cats are housed
separately and haven't shown any sign of them, so I'd like to nip this in
the bud. I don't like using chemicals when I can possibly avoid them, but 

have to do something. Can anyone recommend an effective flea treatment
program for a FeLV+ cat? I'd also welcome suggestions of cleaning 

that won't harm him.

He's housed in our basement and really needs/deserves a forever home of 

own. He's fully vetted (vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped). He's the
sweetest cat we've ever fostered. He's a lovely blue/grey with green 

Photos gladly provided to anyone interested.


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