Re: [FFmpeg-devel] RPM library deployments

2017-11-21 Thread Gardner, Greg - 0995 - MITLL
Lou, I dug a bit further and saw that "RPMFusion" packaged the rpm. I'll contact them! --Greg -Original Message- From: Lou Logan [] Sent: Saturday, November 18, 2017 2:46 PM To: Cc: Gardner, Greg - 0995 - MITLL <greg.gard.

[FFmpeg-devel] RPM library deployments

2017-11-18 Thread Gardner, Greg - 0995 - MITLL
Hey folks, Could someone put me in touch with whoever builds the ffmpeg-libs RPM? I recently installed the ffmpeg-libs package on RHEL7 and I noticed that it does not follow the common convention of symlinking its *.so static object the appropriate version. Instead, it simply deploys them