Re: [FFmpeg-user] RTMP handshaking behind a proxy

2020-06-25 Thread Verachten Bruno
I have given this command another try on another machine today, and read a bit more about the handshaking process. It does not seem to open any other port, just exchanging specific packets on the 1935 port... So something is fishy on my redsocks configuration I suppose... Here is part of the

[FFmpeg-user] RTMP handshaking behind a proxy

2019-12-10 Thread Verachten Bruno
Hi there, I unfortunately have to stream from behind a proxy. It works on one of my machines thanks to redsocks. The RTMP handshake goes well, and I can stream to twitch or youtube. On another machine, with the same redsocks configuration, the handshake never finishes, be it with youtube or