mds vs f_fstypename

2019-04-21 Thread Jorgen Lundman
Hello list, Back when we desperately tried to get ZFS to work with Spotlight, we found that we had to change vfsstatfs->f_fstypename to return "hfs" instead of "zfs". I just assumed mds did a simple string compare with "hfs" and that was just how things were. So recently we tried to lie and

Re: readdir vs. getdirentriesattr

2019-04-21 Thread Thomas Tempelmann
I like to add some info on a thread from 2015: I recently worked on my file search tool (FAF) and wanted to make sure that I use the best method to deep-scan directory contents. I had expected that getattrlistbulk() would always be the best choice, but it turns out that opendir/readdir perform