Re: [Finale] I always have Finale trash

2010-11-19 Thread Eric Fiedler
Mac 10.6.5 I've been noticing this, too, for the last several versions of FinMac. It would appear to be some obscure form of housekeeping Finale does (but how??) before computer shut-down, even when the program is *not* running before shutting down. It seems harmless enough, but it would be

RE: [Finale] I always have Finale trash

2010-11-19 Thread Phillips, Justin
This is the OS cleaning up Temp files that Finale did not. Go to Program Options Folders Temp Files and change the location to /private/tmp, then save your preferences. This should stop this after the next reboot. Justin Phillips Notation Product Specialist MakeMusic, Inc. -Original

Re: [Finale] headphone crashes

2010-11-19 Thread Steve Parker
Hi, I'm finding that if I plug headphones (or unplug) whilst Finale is running FInale hangs with a spinning disc. Can anyone think of how this can happen? I would have thought that Finale would have no idea if headphones are plugged in or not? Thanks! Steve P.