{Spam} Re: [Finale] Microtonal Playback

2011-01-09 Thread Johannes Gebauer
Am 08.01.11 18:33, schrieb Dennis Bathory-Kitsz: Johannes at one point mentioned that it was possible. If he's listening, maybe he can remember. I probably haven't been following this enough, but if the question is whether I know how to get playback for microtones, no, I don't. To be

Re: {Spam} Re: [Finale] Microtonal Playback

2011-01-09 Thread Steve Parker
Hi Johannes, thanks for reply. On the one hand I had Finale's powerful Key Sig tool which allows me to have any number of accidentals between any diatonic steps. On the other the Aria player which allowed me to import a 49 note an octave Scala file. It seems that it is Garritan itself that