[Firebird-docs] Consider migrating to GitHub?

2016-12-16 Thread Mark Rotteveel
Isn't it time to consider migrating the documentation repository from SourceForge CVS to GitHub? SourceForge itself considers CVS deprecated, and having the repository on GitHub might increase visibility and will likely lower the barrier for contribution. Mark -- Mark Rotteveel

Re: [Firebird-docs] German chapters of fblangref25

2016-12-16 Thread Paul Vinkenoog
Hi all, >> fblangref25-appx02-errorcodes-de.xml >> fblangref25-appx03-reskeywords-de.xml >> fblangref25-appx06-charsets-de.xml >> fblangref25-datatypes-de.xml >> fblangref25-de.xml >> fblangref25-intro-de.xml >> fblangref25-structure-de.xml Martin's translations have been committed to CVS.