[Firebird-docs] TEST:: Dumitru Rubey

2018-03-27 Thread Helen Borrie
Dumitru has indicated he is willing to translate some documentation to Romanian. He has been trying to subscribe and has not had any kind of feedback. Of course, under the privacy restrictions imposed last year by Sourceforge, I can no longer check the subscriber list. Dumitru, please reply to

[Firebird-docs] FB firebird-3-developer-s-guide-relea

2018-03-27 Thread Nico Latzer
Hello all, yesterday i browsed a little bit thru the newly published "FB 3 Developers Guide", and i found it very valuable and impressivly well done. NOw my question is, does it make sense to provide an additional application example based on "Python Tkinter"? if so i would be pleased to