Re: [Firebird-net-provider] ADO.NET Entity Framework 4.1 with Views

2011-09-22 Thread John R. Tomaselli
Hi I followed all the threads on views and added the following view to a 2.5 database using NETProvider-2.6.5 , VS2010, EF 4.1 -Update 1 Edmx Version=2.0. . I followed all steps below and the view shows up in the Model Bowser but not in the edmx model viewer. Is there something wrong with my

[Firebird-net-provider] Firebird-net-provider Dated 9/6/2010

2010-09-07 Thread John R. Tomaselli
Hi, I'm learning Linq and converted a Northwind database to FB 2.5 and while not a production database I'd love to fix errors encountered. Provider dated 9/6/10 still gives the same error encountered previously and noted at bottom. I've also regenerated the entity model with no changes. And while

Re: [Firebird-net-provider] 2.5.2 June 5 Firebird provider install

2010-06-25 Thread John R. Tomaselli
To: For users and developers of the Firebird .NET providers Message-ID: Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1 On Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 06:00, John R. Tomaselli wrote

[Firebird-net-provider] Vol 50, Issue 4 Item 1

2010-06-13 Thread John R. Tomaselli
I had the same problem on one of my computers and did the following as a work around. 1) copy the machine.config to another directory you own and make changes to file in this directory. 2) Copy machine.config back to original directory. I know it sounds odd because if you can't modify a file you

[Firebird-net-provider] Entity Framework and Linq

2010-04-27 Thread John R. Tomaselli
Hi, I just encountered the same issues reported in Vol 48, Issue #5 Topic #5 and (48,6,2) using VS2010, DDEX provider 2.0.5, Entity Framework 4 with Firebird 2.5.2. I re-generated the emdx file, checked the csdl secttion and have encountered the exact same error using Linqpad to test. I'm not

Re: [Firebird-net-provider] Topic 2 Firebird-net-provider Digest, Vol 46, Issue 5

2010-02-08 Thread John R. Tomaselli
I've fixed this issue by placing the firebird client dlls in C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727 so that Visual Studio can see them. John -Original Message- From: []

[Firebird-net-provider] Firebird 2.5.1 Dot net with VS2008

2010-01-20 Thread John R. Tomaselli
Hi, I've modified the below machine.config and web.config files below. Notice that I've changed the PublicKey Token in the area to what the GAC displayed and while I also tried changing it the ConfigSection, I left it as below . I'm using Win7 64 bit , VS2008, FB 2.1.3 server,