[Firebird-net-provider] Nazri sent you a friend request on Tagged :)

2007-11-17 Thread Nazri Mohd
If you can't see this email please click here Nazri Mohd Nazri Mohd has added you as a friend Is Nazri your friend? Click Yes if Nazri is your friend, otherwise click No.But you have to click!

[Firebird-net-provider] DDEX provider - support files and installation

2007-11-17 Thread Jiri Cincura
Hi Carlos and *, now we have bunch of *.reg files for importing stuff into registry when installing DDEX provider. I've now finished testing VS 2008 DDEX and we will have another files. So wanna to ask: 1. What about adding this files into some folders (i.e. VS2005, VS2008 + xxbit systems).

[Firebird-net-provider] [FB-Tracker] Created: (DNET-134) Error executing script in FbBatchExecution

2007-11-17 Thread Jiri Cincura (JIRA)
Error executing script in FbBatchExecution -- Key: DNET-134 URL: http://tracker.firebirdsql.org/browse/DNET-134 Project: .NET Data provider Issue Type: Bug Components: ADO.NET Provider