Re: [Fis] reply to Javorsky. Plea for (responsible) trialism

2011-01-04 Thread John Collier
I am probably too late, as usual recently, to this discussion, but I recommend David Hull's book, Science as a Process. In the book, Hull did ethnography in the first part (of systematics), showing how scientists actually interacted in order to pass on their ideas and increase their inclusive

[Fis] Happy New Year !

2011-01-04 Thread Krassimir Markov
Dear Pedro, Qiao Tian-qing, Karl and all FIS colleagues. Please receive my best wishes for the New Year. Let it be fruitful and successful ! Sorry, for a long time I have no possibilities to work in internet. I had many travels and after returning in Sofia more than a month I had no internet and

Re: [Fis] [Fwd: Karl is all right, too...but] Msg From QTQ

2011-01-04 Thread Joseph Brenner
Dear Colleagues, Best wishes for a happy and productive New Year! Now that the holiday truce is past, I respectfully enter my opposing view to the numerical - combinatorial turn to information I see appearing. Not having a stable definition is not some kind of shameful disease, but a