Re: [Fis] Is quantum information the basis of spacetime?

2016-11-15 Thread John Collier
I don't think that Bell's inequality shows indeterminacy, m3aning randomness, or chance. It does show entanglement. There are quantum that are reversible (some are macroscopic). In most measurements there is quantum decoherence, which breaks up entanglement, and has been compared to

Re: [Fis] Is quantum information the basis of spacetime?

2016-11-15 Thread Bruno Marchal
On 13 Nov 2016, at 10:48, Andrei Khrennikov wrote: Dear all, I make the last remark about "physical information". The main problem of quantum physics is to justify so called IRREDUCIBLE QUANTUM RANDOMNESS (IQR). It was invented by von Neumann. Quantum randomness, in contrast to

Re: [Fis] Fis Digest, Vol 32, Issue 13

2016-11-15 Thread Bruno Marchal
Hi Malcolm Dean and colleagues, On 12 Nov 2016, at 22:11, Malcolm Dean wrote: To an animal about to be attacked and eaten, the meaning of an approaching predator is quite clear. Obviously, meaning is produced by, within, and among Observers, and not by language. Meaning may be produced

[Fis] The Meaning of Meaning (or Information) . . .

2016-11-15 Thread Marcus Abundis
A talk was recently posted where Searle and Floridi broach this matter, but from a foundational vista and framed in a context of artificial intelligence. For those who have not seen it: My own few exchanges with Searle on this issue, and on biological

Re: [Fis] Fw: Is quantum information the basis of spacetime? Some New Theories

2016-11-15 Thread Karl Javorszky
Dear FIS, The noble conquest of choosing the right method of understanding information divides this learned society. Some argue that pre-Platonic approaches towards understanding Nature are pre-scientific and therefore can be dismissed out of hand. Let us imagine that the Neanderthals have