Re: [Fis] FW: social flow

2013-11-25 Thread John Collier
Folks, On issue that I don't think Christophe deals with adequately in his otherwise excellent post is that the organization of life is hierarchical, and can therefore lead to conflicts between levels. For example, reproduction and heredity are important to life, so linage extinction resistance

[Fis] FW: social flow

2013-11-23 Thread Christophe
Dear Pedro, The framework you present is interesting and deserves some comments. You write: “Without entering self-production of the living there can be no sense, no meaning”. I agree. You positions meaning generation with the coming up of life in evolution, assuming there is no meaning

[Fis] Fw: social flow. Finding correspondences

2013-11-23 Thread Joseph Brenner
Dear Colleagues Pedro wrote: Actually most of our social exchanges are supradetermined by status, self-image, ambitions, affinity, collective identities, deception, self-deception, attraction, etc. Rather than noise, it is life itself! Haven't we a lot of work to be done in these essential