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2010-12-21 Thread Loet Leydesdorff
Replying to Loet on information: I would say that there is a third major kind of information -- information as constraint (on anything, therefore on entropy production). This comes out of Pattee's distinction between dynamics and non-holonomic constrain. Example: examine an equation, say

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2010-12-21 Thread Pedro C. Marijuan
An interesting message from Qiao Tian-qing Note: attachments are not much welcome by the host server of this list. --P. Mensaje original Asunto: I agree with you Fecha: Sat, 18 Dec 2010 10:52:38 +0800 De: Para:

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2010-12-21 Thread karl javorszky
On Information Please allow me to respectfully disagree with many of you. The term 'information' can well be defined by stringent logical-mathematical methods. It will, however, need agreement on the calssification of the kinds of information. In preparation to an answer to the questions

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2010-12-21 Thread walter . riofrio
Dear FIS colleagues, We could talk on different aspects of the information notion. My approach is only to try to relate information with cognition. How from network of molecular dynamics, cognition and consciousness appeared in the universe? In other words, my interest

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2010-12-21 Thread walter . riofrio
Excuse me, the order is:) References (1) Riofrio, W. (2008) Understanding the Emergence of Cellular Organization. Biosemiotics, 1(3): 361-377. (2) Riofrio, W. (2010a) On Biological Computing, Information and Molecular Networks. In Thinking Machines and the