Re: [Fis] About FIS 2005

2013-04-16 Thread Loet Leydesdorff
Dear colleagues, It seems to me that a difference that makes a difference (or a distinction) generates another option in the system of reference and thus adds to the redundancy instead of the Shannon-type information. The information is not in the DNA strings, but in the distribution of the

[Fis] Informatics vs. Mathematics

2013-04-16 Thread Krassimir Markov
Dear FIS Colleagues, It is really pleasure to read your posts in this exciting mail list. During the time I am subscribed in (Thanks to Pedro for inviting me!) I have read interesting and very useful ideas. Now I think is the right time to put one very important question: What is the main

Re: [Fis] fis Digest, Vol 570, Issue 2

2013-04-16 Thread john . holgate
Dear Xueshan, Another interesting source for Bateson's DTMD is in 'Angels Fear: towards an epistemiology of the sacred' (1988): 'That which gets from territory to map is news of difference, and at that point I recognized that news of difference was a synonym for information'

[Fis] FIS Information and the Eye of the Beholder

2013-04-16 Thread Karl Javorszky
As Krassimir has pointed out, the term information is inseparable from the human utilising (communicating, sending/receiving/evaluating) the information. To say Information is that difference that makes a difference is like saying Cookies are what produce an excellent sensation in the mouth or

Re: [Fis] fis Digest, Vol 570, Issue 10

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Re: [Fis] the intelligent agents

2013-04-16 Thread Krassimir Markov
Dear Gordana and colleagues, You are right, the concept ‘agent’ is just the abstraction of our understanding about the active entities which has possibility to be ‘intelligent’. Below I remember a short text about it: The definition of the concept intelligence was given in [1]. It follows from

[Fis] Meaning and mind

2013-04-16 Thread Robin Faichney
As Loet, Krassimir and Karl (at least) have all said (or as I take them to have said), meaning is inherently subjective, or at best intersubjective, but certainly not objective. That is why an understanding of information has to be tightly integrated with an understanding of mind. See my paper

Re: [Fis] Informatics vs. Mathematics

2013-04-16 Thread Steven Ericsson-Zenith
This view is fundamentally flawed. The introduction of subjectivity confusing the matter. The distinction is not about objects but operations. In mathematics, taken as the science that draws necessary conclusions, operations suffer no causal loss. Whereas, information is the means to reason