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2016-04-30 Thread Francesco Rizzo
Cari Alex e Stan, Cari Tutti, condivido pienamente l'espistemologica impostazione filosofico-scientifica di Alex e la logico-matematica insiemistica e/o la "gerarchia della sussunzione in evoluzione" di Stan. Comunque, il riduzionismo non appaga nè paga. Un abbraccio collettivo alla rete Fis.

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2016-04-30 Thread Alex Hankey
In Answer to Maxine's comments While I understand Maxine's concern that we remain a phenomenological orientation in these discussions, and am gratified that in places we do seem to be achieving that, I also feel that many of us are here to bring our own particular perspectives, whether in Maths

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2016-04-30 Thread Alex Hankey
It is good to see the discussion developing into deep considerations of the history (histories?) of the metaphysical understanding of the nature of the self, the soul, and the world(s) of experience, including the material universe in which it finds itself. I do not claim to have any great

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2016-04-30 Thread Louis H Kauffman
> Dear Professor Sheets-Johnstone, > It would be best if we keep our discussion to the contents of our letters > rather than assume that we each have read all of the other’s work. > In my case I was banned from this forum for two weeks for too many mailings. > Right now I am at a conference and

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2016-04-30 Thread Maxine Sheets-Johnstone
To FIS colleagues, First, an open-to-all response to Lou Kaufmann: Thank you for your lengthy tutorial—some time back--but I wonder and am genuinely puzzled given the “phenomenology-life sciences theme” why none of the articles that I referenced were read and a response generated at least in

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2016-04-30 Thread steven bindeman
I hope the following passage I’ve written on Nagarjuna will be of use for this discussion on the nature of self. The passage is from a manuscript I’ve just completed on silence and postmodernism. Nagarjuna’s thinking is deeply conversant with silence and with the use of paradox as well. For

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2016-04-30 Thread Stanley N Salthe
Lou, Alex -- Here is another use of set theoretical brackets (the subsumption hierarchy in evolution): { ? -> {physical world -> {material world -> {biological world -> {social world } STAN On Sat, Apr 30, 2016 at 2:14 AM, Louis H Kauffman wrote: > On Pedro’s