Re: [Fis] Principles of IS

2017-09-30 Thread Michel Petitjean
Dear Arturo, dear FISers, Citing Beck (Contemp. Phys. 2009, 50, 495–510. doi: 10.1080/00107510902823517), Street wrote: << information can be defined as a negation of thermodynamic entropy (Beck, 2009): I=-S >> (pls. read the equal sign with three bars, I don't know how to type the three bars

Re: [Fis] TR: Principles of IS

2017-09-30 Thread Krassimir Markov
Dear Christophe and FIS Colleagues, I agree with idea of meaning. The only what I would to add is the next: There are two types of reflections: 1. Reflections without meaning called DATA; 2. Reflections with meaning called INFORMATION. Friendly greetings Krassimir

[Fis] TR: Principles of IS

2017-09-30 Thread Christophe Menant
Dear FISers, A hot discussion indeed... We can all agree that perspectives on information depend on the context. Physics, mathematics, thermodynamics, biology, psychology, philosophy, AI, ... But these many contexts have a common backbone: They are part of the evolution of our universe and of