Re: [Fis] some notes

2017-11-18 Thread Loet Leydesdorff
Dear Terry and colleagues, I agree that one should not confuse communication with the substance of communication (e.g., life in bio-semiotics). It seems useful to me to distinguish between several concepts of "communication". 1. Shannon's (1948) definitions in "The Mathematical Theory of

Re: [Fis] some notes: Precise Qualitative Terms

2017-11-18 Thread Joseph Brenner
Dear All, Terry's phrase deserves at least the attention, if not the agreement of all of us. In my view, qualitative terms belong in science if they follow some sort of logic. There are risks, of fraud and pseudo-science, but these risks cannot be avoided in reality by relying on mathematics

[Fis] Happiness is a Tautology

2017-11-18 Thread Karl Javorszky
Happiness is a Tautology Dear friends, 1) Introduction There are very many aspects, levels, perspectives to a discussion that deserves its name. We all work on understanding a system of highly complex phenomena, which we call life. A part of it is, or it does, information, a part of it

Re: [Fis] R: Re: some notes - on the nature of science and communication

2017-11-18 Thread Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic
Dear All, In the discussion about the nature of science and the role of quantitative and qualitative methods I would like to add the following statement: Logic is the science of rational thinking or reasoning. Logic is not a quantitative science.

Re: [Fis] some notes

2017-11-18 Thread Francesco Rizzo
Cari colleghi, l'esistenza implica la conoscenza articolata nelle diverse scienze della natura, umane e sociali. Quindi la "Science of Logic" , non la logica della scienza, di Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1812-1816) vale per qualsiasi tipo di scienza. Difatti la scienza pura della ragione si

Re: [Fis] some notes

2017-11-18 Thread Xueshan Yan
Dear Terry and Loet, I think both of your posts put forward a very important concept to information studies, i.e., HIERARCHY. Terry stated: "Communication needs to be more carefully distinguished from mere transfer of physical differences, …… Any transfer of physical, physical differences in