Re: [Fis] Season Greetings / Merry Christmas

2017-12-22 Thread Louis H Kauffman
Dear Pedro, Thank you. This brings back happy memories of a ten week mathematical visit to Zaragoza in 1982. I toured in Southern Spain (saw the Alhambra and more) and lectured to Jose Montesinos and his colleagues and students on knot theory for most of the ten weeks, daily. Jose took me north

Re: [Fis] Social information, Sociotype

2017-12-22 Thread Sungchul Ji
Hi Emanuel, Pedro & Fishers, Emanuel is rasing an important point. It is clear that the duality of genetic and epigenetic informations is fundamental. But I think the triadicity of genotype, phenotype, and sociotype is as important and fundametnal, if we interpret the triadicity to mean

[Fis] Season Greetings / Merry Christmas

2017-12-22 Thread Pedro C. Marijuan
Dear FIS Colleagues, Herewith the customary Christmas scene at El Pilar Basilica of Zaragoza. It is a really beautiful place that you should visit... I promise not to be a bad amphitryon ;) As for the next sessions, we will have the traditional New Year Lecture, and then another two sessions