Re: [Fis] Response to Sungchul. Generative Logic

2018-01-13 Thread Joseph Brenner
Dear All again, Terry has introduced an absolutely essential concept on which we need to focus, that of a generative logic of informational relationships. I would just like to point out that we are not starting from zero. Some of us, for example Mark J. and I have already recognized the need

Re: [Fis] The Problem with Sungchul's Approach. Data

2018-01-13 Thread Joseph Brenner
Dear All, The problem that I see with the approach of Sungchul and others like it is its reference to data, specifically, quantitative data or their semiotic equivalent. Without a robust theory of information-as-process, there is no way of capturing the qualitative aspects of information and

Re: [Fis] I salute to Sungchul

2018-01-13 Thread Francesco Rizzo
Cari Emanuel, Loet, Sung, Alex, Terry, tutti insieme costituite un bel coro. Siete un'armonia meravigliosa. La musica è il paradigma della scienza della vita o della vita della scienza. E' un vero piacere dell'anima leggerVi. Siete forti, chiari e incontrovertibili. Credo che il regista Pedro sia

Re: [Fis] I salute to Sungchul

2018-01-13 Thread Sungchul Ji
Hi Alex, Thanks for raising the thought-provoking question. According to the dual theory of information (i.e, the physical vs. semantic information theory (PSIT)) [1] as I understand it, there is no "Information that you cannot put in a data set ". That is, all the information discussed in

Re: [Fis] I salute to Sungchul

2018-01-13 Thread Terrence W. DEACON
Hi all, I would be very encouraged if we are trying to develop beyond mere lists of different uses of the term 'information' TO structured taxonomies of distinct types of information TO a generative logic of how these distinct modes of a complex information relationship are interrelated.

Re: [Fis] FW: New Year Lecture. Logic of Recursive Transductions

2018-01-13 Thread Loet Leydesdorff
At this point, I feel I need a ‘refresher’ on Loet Leydesdorff’s important distinction, with reference to information, between recursion and incursion. Loet? When one thinks outside the box, as Bob U. will have us do, the air may seem a little thin, for a while. However, one can soon get